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Community Bike Party


The Chelan County Fire District 3 in Leavenworth was the place to be yesterday morning for the Community Bike Party. The sponsors of this event were Cascade Hospital and Cascade Medical Foundation.

My friend Linda is a board member and I volunteered to come along and help fit kids with helmets.

Both parents and children were most appreciative and excited. Over 200 helmets were given away, a huge increase over the 60 that were given away last year.

Children could also register for a raffle with bicycles as prizes. An outdoor hot dog barbecue was also popular.

This is a wonderful project that will greatly enhance the safety of cyclists in the area.

Another Mother’s Day

Another Mother’s Day

Today is a bridge between two Mother’s Days. In Mexico Mother’s Day is always celebrated on May 10th, no matter what day of the week it falls on. The rest of North America celebrates on the second Sunday of May. Truthfully I feel that mothers should be celebrated every single day of the year, and not just on one day in particular.

It will be twenty-three years ago next month that my own mother passed away. I think of her often. She never got to see her grandchildren grow up. She missed their graduations. She wasn’t around when my daughter got married or when my granddaughter was born. And I really wish she had been there for me when I was going through an ugly divorce. I think she’d approve of what I’ve done with my life in the last decade and how I have become alive again.Image may contain: 1 person

I think of others who are dreading Mother’s Day this year as it’s their first time without their mothers. I lost a friend in Winnipeg to cancer this spring. Her daughter is an only child. Another friend from Mexico passed away suddenly last week and her daughter is struggling right now. Another friend in Mexico is mourning the death of her month old baby, her first child, after enduring a difficult pregnancy. Her mother is a friend of mine who had just lost her own mother this year.

The last time I celebrated Mother’s Day with both my children was in 2009 when I was still in Winnipeg. My daughter was living in Oak Bluff and made a beautiful brunch that day. Two years ago I flew back to Winnipeg and spent Mother’s Day with my son. He barbecued and we watched a movie together. 


I never envisioned a life with my family where we are all geographically scattered. After living in Ontario for a number of years, my daughter has recently moved to B.C. While she is now closer to me both in Washington and Mexico, my son is still back in Winnipeg. Many of my friends are also grappling with similar situations. Things have sure changed since I was a child with everyone living in close proximity to each other.

Needless to say, I have spent most Mother’s Days in the last decade in Mexico or the USA, without my children. And I wonder if I will ever be with both of my kids together again on that day. For those of you who have your mothers or your children close by, hug them tight and treasure those times. In the blink of an eye they can disappear forever.

Happy Mother’s Day, and please celebrate mothers EVERY day of your life.