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Wenatchee Riverfront Railway

Wenatchee Riverfront Railway

The Wenatchee Riverfront Railway is located in Wenatchee, Washington. It is a 10 in. gauge miniature railway and offers rides once a month weather permitting. It is also open to reservations for private events.

On Saturday mercifully the smoke had cleared for a few hours so I opted to go for a train ride. Link Transit was my chauffeur from Leavenworth to Wenatchee and then from Columbia Station to Riverfront Park. I alighted from the trolley and headed for the station.


Along the way I came across this colorful caboose which was open to the public.


Next I entered the station to purchase my ticket.


Moments later I was aboard the train and we were off.


Here are some shots I took during the ride.


After the ride I strolled along the path admiring the garden.


I caught a shot of the train as it came by.


And then it was time to check out the bridge and see where it would lead me.


Music and Movies

Music and Movies

It’s the middle of August. Here in Washington it’s time to get ready to go back to school. In Mexico some of the students have already begun classes. But the temperature here still soars into the 90s and it’s hard to believe that summer is drawing to a close.

Leavenworth Summer Theater featured three amazing performances this season. At the Ampitheater up on Ski Hill Road, The Sound of Music delighted the audience from the time Maria sauntered through the woods in the opening scene until the final scene where the Von Trapp family stood in the hills above as the musical came to an end. What a setting!



This was also the venue for Little Women, another outstanding performance. The third was My Fair Lady which was held at The Fish Hatchery. Don’t let the name of the location fool you as the outdoor stage was surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains. 

We also attended a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Short Shakespeareans. This was held at The Riverside Playhouse in Wenatchee and all performers were between the ages of 1 to 16. What a fabulous way to introduce children to the magical world of Shakespeare!

This past week The Jubilant Bellringers from Des Moines, Washington were in Leavenworth. The musicians ranged in age from tenth graders to college freshmen. They also play a variety of instruments besides handbells and we were treated to a trumpet solo as well as a saxophone solo.


Due to the heavy smoke that has invaded our town recently, the annual Village Voices picnic was moved indoors from The Lions Park. This is a nonprofit community choir that was founded in 1982. These people have a passion for singing and have the opportunity to perform in a professionally-directed chorus. Of course the Bavarian theme that Leavenworth is known for is also reflected in the music.  The Christmas season is synonymous with Village Voices.

The music continued with the movie Momma Mia Here We Go Again. While I do prefer live performances when it comes to musicals, the music was fabulous and I felt that the storyline was better than the one in the last movie.



Won’t You Be My Neighbor brought many of us in the audience to tears. I recall watching the TV show with my children back in the 80s and some memories were brought back to life for me. In our crazy world, it would be most refreshing to have more children’s programming available that is similar to Mr. Rogers.

Another excellent movie was Christopher Robin. I believe that this movie is geared more towards adults than children. There were actually very few children in the audience when we saw it. The wisdom contained in the short phrases spoken by Pooh is both meaningful and memorable.


It’s been quite the summer for music and movies in my life. Has it been for you?

Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island

After a ferry ride that included a very brief stop at Shaw Island, we arrived back in Anacortes. A short drive brought us to Oak Harbor and the Auld Holland Inn, our home for the night.

oo (2)2

The following day we hit the road again. We arrived in Langley where we had coffee and then enjoyed a walk along the water. The accordionist serenaded us at Useless Bay Cafe. The view was beautiful although the clouds prevailed.

L (2)LL (3)

Our next stop was Coupville where the skies had cleared. We had lunch out on the pier and then took a walk through the town.

C (2)C (3)C

On the drive back to Leavenworth, we stopped in La Conner. This delightful town featured an interesting antique store and I adored the vintage signs on the side of the building. The old bucaneer also caught my eye as we drove down the main street.

lc1lc (2)

This was a whirlwind trip of the island and I realize now why this is such a popular tourist area. I have often heard friends talk of Whidbey and now I can say that I have been there too.

San Juan Islands Part 2

San Juan Islands Part 2

The waters were calm and the ferry ride was most enjoyable. Within minutes we arrived at Orcas Island. We eagerly began our road trip around the island, admiring the magnificent views along the way to our first stop at Deer Harbor. Although the skies were cloudy, the marina was busy with both boats and kayaks.

Deer HarborKayaks Deer Harbor

We continued our drive to Eastsound, and were delighted at the extraordinary yard decorations we saw.

Car on RoofOlld boat

We stopped at New Leaf Cafe for brunch and took a short stroll through the town.

East Sound (2)East Sound

Next we headed for Rosario, a gorgeous resort on the water.

Rosario jRosario

Our next destination was Moran State Park. We passed this painted barn and quaint little egg stand along the way.

Painted barnEgg Stand

Constitution Point featured a beautiful view of the water despite the clouds.

Constitution Point

All too soon it was time to make our way back to the ferry and continue on our journey.

San Juan Islands Part 1

San Juan Islands Part 1

On Tuesday we drove down to Anacortes and took the ferry across to San Juan Island. The skies were partly cloudy but the view was breathtaking. The west side of the state is completely different from the east side. Puget Sound was resplendent with islands and tranquil waters. The hustle and bustle of the mainland was left far behind.

We drove off the ferry upon our arrival in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island and I noticed quaint shops and restaurants on the way to our hotel. This town had a definite tourist feel to it. We spent most of our time driving around the island, stopping at a variety of landmarks as constantly admiring the marvelous views of the water, the marinas and the beaches.

The two sights known as the American Camp and the English Camp were established in the late 1800s as a result of the Pig War. An American shot a British pig and it sparked a war. Both sights have hiking trails and we chose to spend our time at the American Camp.

The Alpalca Farm captured my heart. These docile creatures were intent on grazing in the fields and I was delighted when they posed for photos. There was an interesting gift shop with a variety of items made from alpalca yarn. One of the staff was knitting and creating tiny pumpkins.


The Lavender Farm was magnificent. We were able to view the younger plants as well as the mature ones. There were also canopies and picnic tables in the area, and a sign indicating that the area would be a perfect venue for a wedding.

Lavender Farm

Snug Harbor and Roche Harbor were two of the resort areas we visited. Views of the water were spectacular and the marinas were quite busy. The throngs of tourists at Roche Harbor were similar to those of Friday Harbor.

Deer were everywhere on this island. A few were brave enough to dart across the road while many of them just stood along the side, searching for food in the dense forested area.

We were delighted to find an outdoor concert held at a park behind the museum.


The two days flew by and we were soon back on the ferry.