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Changing It Up

Changing It Up

For over a year now I’ve been posting on Wednesdays and Sundays. It’s time for a change.

I started writing this blog years ago when I lived in Guadalajara. At the time it was mainly directed to my friends I had left behind in my hometown in Canada. I replaced the mass emails with blog posts. My close friends know that I detest email and consider it to be snail mail. I don’t check it regularly.

What I do check daily are calls and texts on my phone, Messenger and What’s App. I don’t even check my stats on WordPress daily, although it is interesting to see that I have followers from a variety of countries, some whose names I can’t even pronounce and have had to look up on a map.

Over the years I’ve taught with people from all over the world. Everyone seems eager to come to Mexico to teach. People stay for varying lengths of time. Some return to their home countries although many keep right on traveling.

As for me, after six years here I reverted back to snowbird status. But I don’t return to Canada. I spend the summer and fall in the USA. Covid complicated things and I applied for and was granted two extended stays in foreign countries during the pandemic.

Just as my life has changed, it’s time to change up the blog posts. I do look forward to posting on a regular basis, but it won’t necessarily occur on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Thank you to all my readers. It’s gratifying that so many of you follow my blog. I appreciate your feedback and comments, although I seldom publish them on my page. I know that when I read other people’s blogs, I prefer to form my own opinion rather than scroll through a myriad of comments, and am determined to spare my followers from just that.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

It’s Coming

It’s Coming

Yes the clock will go back an hour on the 31st, just in time for Halloween. But that’s not the big one here in Mexico.

Here is a pictorial preview of preparations for Dia de Los Muertos.

November 1st and 2nd are days of remembrance. These are the days when the spirits of the dead return to visit. Altars are created to honor loved ones who have passed. Cemeteries come alive with music and parties.

I snagged these photos of the traditional bread at a bakery.

Here in Aguascalientes the celebrations, including a parade, begin on October 29th. It will be an interesting weekend.

Parque Rudolfo Landeros (CEAR)

Parque Rudolfo Landeros (CEAR)

I first visited this park almost three years ago. It was a weekend and it was packed. The parking lot was overflowing. Food vendors were busy and bike and golf cart rentals were very popular.

I went back a couple of times before Covid and it was crowded even on a weekday. Field trips from schools were in abundance.

Yesterday it was a very different story. The park was all but deserted. Signs indicating masks were required were prominently displayed. However nobody wore masks, even the staff.

We had picked up breakfast and found a shady spot to eat. Then we began our walk around the park.

This was our first greeter.

And here was our second.

The water levels were surprisingly low, considering that it’s rainy season now. But we did see some ducks and geese enjoying the water.

Very few animals were out but I did capture a shot of this guy.

We even found a train here, although the museum was closed.

And I had to take pics of the trees and the cacti.

Museo Ferrocarrilero

Museo Ferrocarrilero

The first time I went to this train museum was almost three years ago, before Covid. Situated within a lovely park, there was lots to explore, inside and outside.

This visit was very different. The musical dancing fountains were not dancing nor were they musical. The miniature train was not running through the park. And the large building that housed a sizeable museum filled with displays was being renovated.

We were able to view the inside of one building which previously was a ticket office and waiting area. So I was able to snag a few photos.

Outside we admired the statues.

And of course the train at the entrance.

Then off we went to a cafe for cafe olla and mollettes.

New This Week

New This Week

I’ve been back for over a month and have spent time reacquainting myself with the city of Aguascalientes and a few friends and neighbors. I’ve also made some new friends but more about that in another blog post. Right now I’m going to focus on three new things I’ve started this week.

I started a course on mindfulness offered by Rice University. I’ve taken two other courses in this area previously and am always open to ideas that will improve my quality of life. I’m taking this course through Coursera, a sight I’ve used before. It offers a variety of courses for free if you don’t want or need that piece of paper.

Guilty. I downloaded a new game onto my tablet. Word Connect. I’m learning new words that I never knew were words. It’s a stimulating game and a welcome addition to the other word games I’ve played in the past. And no, I’m not hooked up to Facebook with it so you won’t find me there.

I found a new place to shop, although it won’t be very often. I prefer to frequent the corner stores in my neighborhood and support the locals. But a new HEB opened up while I was back in the USA and I just had to check it out. And it’s only a 10 minute Uber trip away. Far superior to Walmart or Sam’s Club although a tad smaller than Costco.

A new course, a new game and a new place to shop. That’s my new things so far this week. And it’s only Wednesday!

Museo Regional de Historia de Aguascalientes

Museo Regional de Historia de Aguascalientes

I first arrived in Aguascalientes in January of 2019, armed with a list of fourteen museums and art galleries I wanted to explore. And I visited them all.

On Friday I decided to return to The Regional History Museum. Hand sanitizer and temperature check and in I went. Admission is 50 pesos ($2.43 US) but seniors with an INAPAM card are admitted at no charge. Being a senior does have its perks.

I wandered from room to room admiring the various displays. I also stopped to read a number of the descriptions. My Spanish has improved and I was able to understand most of it, something I’d been unable to do back in 2019.

As usual, I took way too many photos. I hope you enjoy the selection I’m sharing in this post.

So What?!


Monday, Monday. Facebook down. What’s App not working. Didn’t bother checking Instagram.

It certainly made for a quieter day. No constant pings and dings of notifications on my phone. I actually spent very little time on my phone.

Here in Mexico What’s App is a lifeline to many. I’ve met a lot of people who just put 50 pesos at a time on their phone. They don’t have a phone plan like I do.

For 200 pesos a month, less than $10 US, I have unlimited talking and texting as well as long distance to the USA and Canada. Some data is included ans all social media is also free.

Without a phone plan, What’s App that runs off WiFi is free, so that is a very popular option for those who do not have a plan.

Therefore a lot of people were impacted when everything went down on Monday. Their pesos on their phones would not stretch quite as far.

I find it interesting that phone plans here are so reasonably priced. In the USA a similar plan with AT&T costs me $40. Canada was even more expensive the last time I was there.

While buying cell phones is far more expensive in Mexico, using them is definitely much more affordable here.

Fly With Me

Fly With Me

The other day I was talking with a friend and somehow the topic of airports came up. We compared experiences and horror stories. He commented that I’d flown in and out of a lot more airports than he had.

Later on I thought some more and decided to list all the airports. So here goes.

I’ll start with Mexico. My favorite airport to fly into is Guadalajara. My favorite airport to fly out of is Puerto Vallarta. My least favorite is Mexico City. Other airports I’ve used include Culiacan, Mazatlan, Cancun, Aguascalientes and Leon. That’s a total of eight.

Next will be Canada. No favorites or least favorites here. Just Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Thunder Bay, London, Montreal, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Kelowna. That’s a total of eleven.

The winner is the USA. My new favorite airport is Pangborn in Wenatchee. My least favorite is Houston. The others include Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Ontario, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Tucson, Dallas, San Antonio, Atlanta, Denver, Minneapolis, Rochester, Fargo, Grand Forks, Chicago, Buffalo, New York, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Savannah, Charleston, Honolulu, Wendover and Las Vegas. The total is thirty.

Oh, and I can’t forget Havana and Punta Cana. That’s two more.

Grand total is fifty-one. And I haven’t even gone to Europe!

My favorite airline is Alaska. There’s a tie for my least favorite airline between Air Canada and Westjet.

Airports have changed over the years. Many are now like small cities and have multiple terminals and trains connecting them. Dallas-Fort Worth even has its own zip code.

Traveling has definitely become more complicated since 9/11 and is even more so now with the additional challenge of COVID-19. I don’t envy the staff at TSA. And then throw in my knee replacements that always set off the metal detectors and require the body scanners.

Yes, I remember when I actually used to enjoy traveling by air. Not anymore. I now travel by air only because I have to.