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Parque Mirador


One of the many treasures I have found in Guadalajara is Parque Mirador. Located at the end of the Macrobus line on Independencia Norte, Mirador is about a 20 minute ride from Centro Guadalajara.

Entrance (2)


The park is also adjacent to a university campus. I often see students lounging about or playing sports in the area overlooking the canyon. I wish my campus in Canada would have had a spectacular view like this.


As I meander through the park, I admire the vegetation. In July everything has turned very green from all the rain. There are benches scattered throughout the park where I often sit and enjoy the greenery. The view of the canyon is always close by in the background. 



image_2 (2)

There is an interesting playground area in the park. The slides, climbing structures and swings are of colorful metal construction, but would never meet the Canadian safety standards.


There is a small restaurant where I often gaze out at the canyon while sipping a Negra Modelo.

Restaurant (2)

A large statue of Hidalgo is prominently displayed in the park and is visible from the street outside.


Parque Mirador. The air is often filled with voices and laughter as it is a popular place for picnics with families and friends. At other times the peace and tranquility lends itself to reading a book. But what I like best is that I can lose myself in my thoughts and rest in the moment.



Why I Never Write About…………….


People often ask me why I never write about my marriage. The answer is really quite simple. I prefer to write about positive aspects of my life. There is nothing to be gained by focusing on the negative. 

Today is August 18, 2014 and it’s just over five and a half years since my marriage ended. And these five and a half years have flown by way too quickly.

In a nutshell, I got married too young and for all the wrong reasons. I became “Mrs. Husband”, totally losing my identity and along with it my self-esteem and my self-confidence. Throughout the  years, I lived my life vicariously through my children. And when they grew up and no longer required my constant attention, I hit rock bottom. I was bored and unhappy, a very dangerous combination. So dangerous in fact, that I attempted to take my own life more than once in the last four years of my marriage. My psychiatrist strongly urged me to leave that unhealthy relationship. He told me repeatedly that pills were not the answer to my quest for happiness.


Today I am high all the time……………on life! I am in charge. I make the decisions. I need only assume responsibility for MY actions. I am no longer a shadow but instead am in the spotlight. I am immensely enjoying my newly found freedom and my independence. I revel in my accomplishments since I have been on my own. I have published a book. I have had two successful total knee replacement surgeries. I have embarked on a new career, moved to Mexico, learned a new language and immersed myself in a new culture. I have met some amazing people along the way and have had some awesome adventures. And this is what I prefer to write about.

Of course there were happy times in my marriage. I will not deny that I do have some fond memories. However it goes without saying that the highlight of my marriage was the birth of my two children, the loves of my life. And I enjoy writing about them. They are my pride and joy and are often included in my blog posts.


As for me, I continue to grow. I am stronger and happier than I have been in years. I now focus on the present and the future, and have left the negativity in the past where it belongs.

I am Alive Again! This is coincidentally the title of my second book to be published in 2015.