This is my fourth year in Mexico and I have decided that it’s time to begin writing a blog.

This is my third year in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, a very quaint suburb of Guadalajara. I enjoy the idea that cars whiz by my living room window on the same street as horses and buggies.


I share a house with four other people. At the moment, there are two Canadians and one American who are studying Spanish. There is also one American who teaches ESL. In the past I have also lived with people from Ireland, Norway, Sweden and England. We are all different ages and from different backgrounds, and it makes for very interesting conversations and experiences.

As I write this, Christmas is a mere two weeks away. It is amazing to see all the poinsettas that grown in gardens at this time of year. In Canada our poinsettas are always potted plants. Yesterday I was in Zapopan near the Basilica, and enjoyed the beautiful

flower beds filled with poinsettas.


A mass was being held in the Basilica so my photo opportunities were limited. The church was crowded to overflowing with people, even on a weekday morning. I have been to several churches throughout Jalisco, and this has always been the case. Mexico is very much a predominantly Catholic country.



In the area surrounding the Basilica, there are vendors in abundance. Many of these specialize in religious items such as rosary beads, calendars and jewellery with images of Christ and the Virgin Mary. Other vendors sell everything from bottled water to churros to balloons and everything in between.


As you walk away from the Basilica, there are several small cafes serving traditional Mexican fare, as well as the infamous hamburguesa. I enjoyed my enchiladas con pollo for lunch.

There were also some other vendors scattered about the area, mostly selling jewellery and food.


I continued walking until I arrived at the ornate archway. It was difficult to get a decent shot without stepping into the traffic on a very busy avenue. There are intricate designs on the arch, as well as statues on either side. And of course they boasted Christmas decorations.


I really enjoyed my day in Zapopan, and look forward to exploring other sights in that area.


About iamkaren23

I am a Canadian writer currently living in East Wenatchee, Washington. I published When Glad Becomes Sad in 2009. My second book, Alive Again, was published in March of 2015. Both are self-help books. I am currently working on a third book, this time a work of fiction.

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