Back In The Peg

Back In The Peg

It’s Sunday and I’m back in Winnipeg, or Winterpeg as it’s so commonly called. Only this time there is no snow on the ground. And the temperature climbed to a balmy 20 degrees Celsius, almost as high as our night-time lows in Mexico.

My flights back to Canada were uneventful and actually quite enjoyable. On the flight from Puerto Vallarta to Calgary, my seatmate turned out to be a man from Guadalajara who didn’t speak English. I was pleased that I got to practice my Spanish and was able to help him with the customs forms.

I had a six hour wait in Calgary for my next flight and drank way too much coffee in an attempt to stay awake. I also ran the batteries down on my iPhone, my Blackberry and my laptop. But the flight took off promptly on schedule despite the need to deice the plane. Yes, Canada is not quite as warm as Mexico.

Inside the terminal, my bag was one of the first to come down the chute. David was there to meet me and we headed to Tim Hortons for breakfast. 

Breakfast was yummy but very different from my usual at Jahanve in Tlaquepaque.

I’m staying with my friends Donna and Loris now. It has been so great catching up on everything. As an added bonus, their granddaughter Ella was here. When I left for Mexico she was an infant. Now she walks and talks and just turned two!

Tomorrow all my appointments start and this will be a hectic week. Doctors, dentist, financial planner……….that’s what happens when I stay away for such a long period of time.

Of course the highlight is my book launch next week, and I look forward to seeing old friends as well as new at this event.

Alive Again


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