It’s Complicated……………Part 5

It’s Complicated……………Part 5

Here we go again! If you haven’t read the first four posts of It’s Complicated, the Coles Notes version is that it describes the process I went through in order to obtain government health insurance here in Mexico. Back in Guadalajara, I was privileged to have Pedro Sanchez Bello among my students. Pedro is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in knee replacements. And yours truly had just had two of these procedures in Canada before returning to Mexico. Needless to say, there was an immediate connection.

When I told Pedro about the problems I was having obtaining social security, he insisted on accompanying me to the IMSS office to assist me. I was totally blown away by this generous offer, especially when it evolved into a two day adventure. This incredible man took two full days off of work to help me, and even came to the bank with me to pay the fees. I am truly blessed to have a friend like this in my life.

But I no longer live in Guadalajara. I have now moved to Mazatlan. This morning I went to the administration offices of IMSS on the malecon. I thought it would be a simple procedure of this is my old address and this is my new address! Que oso! This is Mexico.

I breathed a sigh of relief when my name showed up on the computer. I presented my utility bill with my new address. Luckily one of the staff spoke English and was able to explain everything to me. I was informed that I had to attend a different clinic due to the colonia I lived in. If I wanted to attend the clinic linked with the administration offices, I had to borrow a utility bill from someone who lives in this area. Otherwise I would have to go to the other clinic.

Ok, so I need to go to the other location. Not a problem. Easily doable on another day. But the staff went on to explain that I would be best advised to borrow a utility bill and attend this clinic. Their reasoning was that fewer people come to this clinic so the care is better.

Fascinating! Basically I want IMSS in place in case of an emergency. And I am still covered for that even though I haven’t changed my address.

Now I have a new dilemma. Do I borrow a utility bill and attend the clinic on the malecon? Or do I register at the other clinic? Decisions, decisions………….  


I thanked the staff for the their assistance and walked across the street to the beach. Ah, the comfort of the music of the waves and the feel of the hot sand beneath my feet.


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