I Swore I’d Never Do It Again, But……………………

I Swore I’d Never Do It Again, But……………………

I have quite a few letters after my name already. Throughout the years, depending on positions applied for, I’d selectively include those on a resume. Once I obtained my CTesl at University of Manitoba back in 2010, I swore I was done. No more courses, certificates or degrees! But I just started an online writing course this past week with Duke University.

Why do this now? I have already published two books. The answer to this question is simple. I have a thirst for knowledge and I love to learn. Although I have taken courses in a variety of subjects ranging from Psychology to Economics, this is the first time I am actually taking a course in writing. There is always room for improvement in my writing. Additionally, After focusing on self-help books, I am now eager to try my hand at fiction, a genre completely foreign to me. 

Almost a year ago I joined a group on Facebook called An Author’s Tale. Created by an enterprising young lady from Texas, Cayce R. Berryman, this group has now swelled in number to more than three hundred aspiring writers around the world. I tentatively began submitting short prose and poetry. And I began voraciously reading the contributions of other writers. And I became intrigued with fiction.

My dilemma right now is just where to begin. Characters and plots are making my head swim. I need to figure out a way to organize all this. And of course the most sensational ideas always seem to appear in my dreams or at other inappropriate times when I can’t put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard.

I enjoy writing posts here on WordPress and try to write about a variety of issues, experiences and adventures in my life. I am forever indebted to Sean Roberts and Omar Ramirez who introduced me to this site and encouraged me in my writing. I’d also like to thank all of my followers and readers for taking the time to read my posts here on WordPress.

Buenas Noches from Mazatlan……………


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  1. Yayyy!!! Writting school sounds great… And a system I have to remember ideas/characters/subplots is always to carry a small notebook with me… Or make a note on your phone 😆

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