The Five Year Question

The Five Year Question

Where do you picture yourself five years from now? This is one of the most common questions asked in a job interview. Five years ago at this time I was living in Winnipeg and teaching ESL in a program at Red River College. I recently came across some old journal entries and this was my response in July of 2010.

“I expect to be teaching ESL here in Winnipeg possibly even in this college. My roots are here, my children are here and my friends are here. These are all very strong ties.”  

However life intervened and God quite obviously had other plans for me. I left Winnipeg in the fall of 2010. Other than returning for two surgeries and a book launch, Mexico has pretty much become home to me. My daughter moved to Ontario three years ago and my son built a house in Transcona, which to me may as well be another city as I’m not familiar with that area at all. And I discovered a lifestyle in a foreign country that is very appealing.

I enjoy teaching here in Mexico where students are eager to learn and are appreciative of the efforts of native English speakers. They are not demanding and do not possess that sense of entitlement which so many of the students in Canada exhibited. Pictured below are Adriana and Cecelia, two of my students last year in Zapopan.

With Adriana and Cecilia

My friendships here are very different. I don’t have the same close network of girlfriends. There is no-one here to share the memories in the same way, although people are curious about my past. Most of my friends here in Mexico are decades younger than me, as are the men I date.

Since moving to Mazatlan, this has changed. I’ve met some new friends at church and most of them are considerably older than I am by more than a decade. While I do enjoy having friends closer to my age, I do miss all of my younger Jalisco friends, especially Monica and Claudia pictured below.


As I sit here on a rainy day pondering my future, I can’t quite fathom creating a reply to that five year question. I appear to be firmly rooted in Mexico, but can’t quite pinpoint exactly where. I have an awesome Mexican family in Culiacan. I miss so many things about Guadalajara, but I really love the beach here in Mazatlan. I have met amazing people and made wonderful friends from all over this vast country. There are also so many fascinating places I have yet to discover. And I agonize over the fact that my own children refuse to come and visit me here. I wonder where I will be five years from now………………. 


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