Oh! Oh! Bar Hopping Again!

Oh! Oh! Bar Hopping Again!

Yes, I’ve been bar hopping again. Guilty as charged. But there are just so many bars in Mazatlan. And they’re all so different. They feature a variety of music. I especially like the ones right on the beach. And of course they all feature their own drink and food specials.


Steve and I ventured out to the Chill ‘n’ Grill in the Marina area one night after I’d finished teaching. Our friend John was singing and playing guitar. We were sitting out on the terrace by the water and it was most relaxing.

Saturday night found us at Joe’s Oyster Bar in The Gold Zone. There was a popular boxing match on the jumbotron and really loud music. By ten thirty the bar was swarming with a much younger crowd and we were the only gringos. While it was nice to be by the water, we decided  to leave. I was astounded that there was a lineup to get in. This place is huge and holds hundreds. I was also quite shocked to see that they didn’t ask for identification. There were scores of teens there who were extremely underage for this type of establishment. Yep, definitely a meat market.

Off we went to GusGus, another bar in The Gold Zone. Once again the boxing match gained prominence. When it ended, a band played briefly until about 1:30 am. The music was primarily English rock ‘n’ roll, with the odd Spanish song.

Monday night Etziel, Steve and I went to an awesome little bar right on the beach, steps down from the Malecon. La Corrientes is quaint with great ambiance, and of course the sound of the waves crashing in on the shore. Yes, there is yet another hurricane approaching. It was a weeknight and the bar closed at 10 pm, my only complaint.


Tuesday night Steve, Patricia and I went to Vancouver Wings in Sabalo Country. Once again John was the featured artist. This bar is not on the water, but we were outside on the terrace, one of the things I love about Mexico.

Today is American Thanksgiving. Etziel, Steve, Patricia and I are headed to a restaurant for a turkey dinner. Etziel and Patricia are Mexican, Steve is American and I am Canadian. But turkey day is turkey day, so we’re taking a break from bars today.


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