Feliz Cumple! Happy Birthday!

Feliz Cumple! Happy Birthday!

Last week one of my neighbors stopped by to invite me to her grandson’s birthday party. The little guy was turning two.


The big day arrived and the family began preparing for the fiesta. Brightly colored flags were strung from balconies. Tables were adorned with festively colored cloths.  


A hamburger stand and another cooking are were set up. There was also an area for drinks. And cupcakes for the children were displayed in an area resplendent in Minions.



There was also a section with easels and chairs for young artists. 



A bouncer was a popular attraction as well.


But the highlight for the children was definitely the pinata. They delighted in swinging at it as it danced above them. From toddlers to teenagers, they all had an amazing time.



These birthday parties are very different from the ones we have back in Canada. This was quite the celebration for a two-year-old. Feliz Cumple Dorian Mateo!

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