Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning

There is a site on Facebook called Find It Here Mazatlan which has become every expats’ bible to information and events in the area. It’s also a place where people post items for sale, including garage sales. But these garage sales are very different from the ones in Canada. There were three advertised this morning.

I was fortunate to go to a preview sale for one of them yesterday morning. The proceeds of this sale go to animal rescue programs, and sales are held biweekly. People flock to these sales. Where else can you buy clothing for 20 pesos? Not that I do, but tons of other people do. But I’m a people watcher and I enjoy watching people frantically pushing and shoving to find a treasure in the racks of stained clothing, many of which sport holes and cigarette burns. My big find was a Scrabble game completely intact and in excellent condition for 10 pesos. That’s right! Less than one Canadian dollar!

photo 4

Today’s sales were quite disappointing. They were in Centro close to Olas Altas, and the prices were incredibly high. One of them had rooms full of rocks. Bird cages seem to be a popular item, as well as furniture. Yes, the items are very different from those in Canadian garage sales.

Plaza Zaragoza was bustling with activity for the weekly organic market. Booths sported everything from coffee to flowers and everything in between. There were lots of tables set up where you could linger over coffee. There was even some live music.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Our last stop was at a bakery where they actually sell decent cinnamon buns, and that is a rarity here in Mazatlan. The breads also looked delicious, but that will be for another time.

Back at home I sat out on the terrace for a while practicing Spanish on Duolingo. And now it is writing time………………

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