St. Patrick’s Day in Mazatlan

St. Patrick’s Day in Mazatlan

The expat influence is once again evident as shown by St. Patrick’s Day celebrations this past week here in Mazatlan. My friends and I headed out to Casa Del Cameron in Sabalo in search of green beer. While we did not find green beer, we did find green tequila at 10 pesos a shot.


Casa Del Cameron is a popular gringo bar, kind of like a Cheers place. The beer is cheap and the food is reasonably priced. The ambiance is great and people are friendly. Occasionally there is live music as well and there’s a horseshoe pitch out back.

We were surprised by a mariachi band who strolled in to play a few tunes. It was a nice change from banda or rock and roll. When I lived in Guadalajara, my neighborhood was famous for mariachis as El Parian and Calle Independencia were close by.


I’m not a fan or corned beef and cabbage but a handful of restaurants were featuring that on their menus as well. We stuck to nachos.

Quite a few people wore green and servers came around with shamrocks to stick on our shirts. Here’s a shot of the guy at a table near us who went all out with his hat.


Good friends, green tequila and nachos. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Mazatlan!


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