As July Comes To A Close

As July Comes To A Close

It’s the end of July and the end of my first week here in Leavenworth. Temperatures have soared above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but it’s a dry heat unlike the high humidity I left behind in Mazatlan. It cools off overnight and was only 58 degrees this morning. I’ve done a fair amount of writing this week along with meeting new people, sightseeing and exploring. I also started a part-time job this week.  

A job? Yes. Those of you who know me personally know my background……………businesswoman, counselor, motivational consultant, teacher and writer. What I’m doing now in no way, shape or form resembles any of these. A friend here owns a construction company and has hired me to help out. For the time being it’s painting, but he has aspirations of other things in mind for the future. I did remind him that knives are not a great idea, lol. I believe I may have the world record for cutting my toe with a butter knife, but that was decades ago in another lifetime. Take a peak at my first painting job.


Now isn’t that the prettiest flower box you’ve ever seen? And the flowers remained purple and the leaves stayed green. I just may be on to a new career here.

Now we come to the sightseeing and exploring part. Leavenworth is primarily a tourist town, Bavarian style. When you walk along the streets in the downtown are it does not feel like you are in the USA at all. The buildings are so quaint, and there is an abundance of flowers everywhere.


The building pictured above is where I painted the flower boxes. This is a German restaurant owned by a man from Manitoba, my home province in Canada.

Here are a few other shots of the downtown area:





And this is only one section of a street. There is also a small park with a kiosk where live music is featured on the weekends. An art show also happens on the weekends. But I will leave that for a future post.

Yesterday we checked out the Farmers Market. It’s a small one featuring some fresh produce, handicrafts and a couple of food stands.


It was a great place to people watch and I just had to share this photo. What a sweetie!


Wenatchee is a town about twenty minutes away. This is where the WalMart, East Wenatchee Mall, Costco and all the shopping are located. There are also a variety of restaurants. The downtown area has the courthouse and i intend to spend a day walking around that area in the near future. The drive to Wenatchee from Leavenworth is beautiful.  Have a look at these photos:



Today I went to a Rotary Club meeting here in Leavenworth. The speaker was excellent and gave a presentation on the wine industry here in Washington. I had no idea that Washington is second only to California in the production of wine in the USA. Now I can’t wait to check out a winery or two while I’m here.  

The weekend is upon us and more adventures lie ahead. That also means more blog posts are coming up.

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