Valentines Day 2018

Valentines Day 2018

In another lifetime when my children were young, Valentine’s Day meant decorating the house, baking cookies and a special cake. But they are grown now and we live in different countries so I celebrate this holiday a little differently. I spend the day with friends rather than with family. Of course last year was quite memorable as I was in Guadalajara having cataract surgery.

Off I went to the bus station to buy a ticket to go to Culiacan on Saturday. This weekend there is an event at my nieto’s school, the same school where I taught my first year in Mexico. 

After I purchased my ticket, I then boarded a bus for Villa Union. Thankfully it was air-conditioned, as the temperatures here have soared recently. 

Villa Union is a small town quite close to Mazatlan with a population of about 13,000. It is quaint, although it does have a Panama and a Coppell. El Cuchupetas is  also a popular seafood restaurant that attracts people from Mazatlan.

The church was what intrigued me. I have visited and photographed several churches in Jalisco and Sinaloa. Parroquia San Juan Bautista is easily visible from the highway that goes straight through the town. I have passed by it before but this is the first chance I’ve had to actually go inside.


Seeing as it was Valentine’s Day when I visited Villa Union, the streets were lined with colorful displays of stuffed animals and helium balloons. It reminded me of when I lived in Tlaquepaque and the square was filled with similar displays.

For lunch I opted to eat where the locals go. I checked out a few street stands before I chose a small family type restaurant that had only six tables. I enjoyed delicious enchiladas, rice and beans and had a view of the mercado and the activity on the street.

I wandered around the town capturing photos and talking to some of the locals. It was an excellent opportunity to practice speaking Spanish as I did not hear one word of English the whole time I was there. Here are a few shots taken around the town. 

All too soon it was time to return to Mazatlan for the jazz jam at El Recreo. It was a most enjoyable Valentine’s Day. I hope yours was too.

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