San Juan Islands Part 2

San Juan Islands Part 2

The waters were calm and the ferry ride was most enjoyable. Within minutes we arrived at Orcas Island. We eagerly began our road trip around the island, admiring the magnificent views along the way to our first stop at Deer Harbor. Although the skies were cloudy, the marina was busy with both boats and kayaks.

Deer HarborKayaks Deer Harbor

We continued our drive to Eastsound, and were delighted at the extraordinary yard decorations we saw.

Car on RoofOlld boat

We stopped at New Leaf Cafe for brunch and took a short stroll through the town.

East Sound (2)East Sound

Next we headed for Rosario, a gorgeous resort on the water.

Rosario jRosario

Our next destination was Moran State Park. We passed this painted barn and quaint little egg stand along the way.

Painted barnEgg Stand

Constitution Point featured a beautiful view of the water despite the clouds.

Constitution Point

All too soon it was time to make our way back to the ferry and continue on our journey.

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