Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island

After a ferry ride that included a very brief stop at Shaw Island, we arrived back in Anacortes. A short drive brought us to Oak Harbor and the Auld Holland Inn, our home for the night.

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The following day we hit the road again. We arrived in Langley where we had coffee and then enjoyed a walk along the water. The accordionist serenaded us at Useless Bay Cafe. The view was beautiful although the clouds prevailed.

L (2)LL (3)

Our next stop was Coupville where the skies had cleared. We had lunch out on the pier and then took a walk through the town.

C (2)C (3)C

On the drive back to Leavenworth, we stopped in La Conner. This delightful town featured an interesting antique store and I adored the vintage signs on the side of the building. The old bucaneer also caught my eye as we drove down the main street.

lc1lc (2)

This was a whirlwind trip of the island and I realize now why this is such a popular tourist area. I have often heard friends talk of Whidbey and now I can say that I have been there too.

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