My Calendar

My Calendar

It’s Saturday June 1st already and I’m finally finding time to breathe again after a flurry of activity since I arrived in late April. This past week I was back to my Mexican plan of putting just one activity a day on my calendar and letting spontaneity happen.

Monday was Memorial Day and I was in writing mode. But the day dawned sunny and warm after several days of rain. I opted for a short walk instead.

Did I say short? Somehow it was two hours before I arrived back home. I walked up the Icicle and meandered through quiet streets. I walked along Highway 2 and was relieved that I wasn’t in the traffic going at a snail’s pace trying to leave town after a long weekend. I gave tourists directions and talked to people walking their dogs.



I never did get around to writing much. But I did sort through photos, catch up on emails and make a few phone calls. Netflix eventually lured me and I thoroughly enjoyed that day to myself.

Tuesday morning I taught a fitness class and had lunch with a couple of friends. I was headed for home when a Link bus came into view headed in the opposite direction. Why not go to Cashmere and spend some time at Spirit of America? Of course I also stopped at the bakery for an apple fritter and signed up for an event at the library. I finally left Cashmere at around four o’clock.

I stayed in Leavenworth on Wednesday. Ann stopped by in the morning and we decided to pick up her dog and go for a walk at Sleeping Lady. I love the flowers and the river and the mountains, but another favorite is this spectacular glass sculpture by Chihuly.

After lunch at the senior center I went to the Leavenworth Library. I printed out a new exercise routine that I had collaborated on with the other instructors and then leisurely strolled through the stacks and selected some books to read. Books in English!

On Thursday I taught another fitness class and had lunch with friends. Then Linda and I decided to go to Walmart in Wenatchee. We got sidetracked on the way and stopped at Chavo’s in Cashmere for some agua fresca.

On Friday the only thing on my calendar was lunch at the senior center. However Linda, Karen and I wound up going into Wenatchee to see Rocketman.

Other than music at the senior center tonight, nothing else on my calendar for today…..YET!


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