Leavenworth Wildlife

Leavenworth Wildlife

Spring is well underway and the warm temperatures bring with them animals that have been in hibernation all winter. The starving creatures have taken to venturing into the town in search of food.

Bears have ravaged through garbage cans and have sought out chicken coops. There are signs out warning people of their presence.

Waterfront Park has the above sign up. When you cross over the bridge to Blackbird Island, you come to an area that has had numerous bear sightings recently.

Bears have also been spotted up the Icicle near where I’m living right now. They are quite brazen and roam in the daylight as well as in the darkness.

Enchantment Park is close to where I live as well. I walked through it on Saturday just hours before a child was attacked by a cougar at dusk. Fish and Wildlife tracked the animal. I heard gun shots at around 1 am and was told that this particular cougar would not be prowling around our neighborhood anymore. But the warning signs are still posted everywhere.

Coyotes are also a nuisance and a friend saw a fox on their doorstep last week.

Image result for photos of coyotes

At least the carpenter ants and wasps have taken a break……

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