San Marcos

San Marcos

On my walk to Centro, I often pass by the Templo San Marcos.I then enjoy a leisurely stroll through the park. Occasionally I come across a Zumba class or encounter fencers, but this morning it was quiet by the gazebo. In the evenings there are sometimes salsa dancers or musicians.There are a number of statues throughout the park. Here are just a few.
This morning I met a man from San Luis Potosí who lives close to San Ciro where I spent two months last winter. I’ve had several interesting conversations with people in the park and find it a great opportunity to practice my Spanish. But no matter how hard I try to strike up a conversation, these two never speak to me.

It still seems strange to me that the trees are beginning to bloom although it’s the middle of winter.

On the weekends there are numerous vendors displaying their wares on the sidewalks. Of course there are always the food vendors as well. But my favorite time to come to this park is on weekdays in the morning.

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