Museo Nacional De Las Muertes

Museo Nacional De Las Muertes

Last winter my time in Aguascalientes was filled with a flurry of visits to museums, art galleries and churches. This winter has been the opposite. I’ve been here for more than three months now and yesterday was the first time I ventured into a museum when I revisited the Museum of Death.

This museum is on three levels and features numerous fascinating displays as well as a spectacular collection of artifacts.

The descent to the lower level is on a steep, narrow and dark staircase. But it had its rewards.

I next explored the rooms on the main floor and upper levels. Unfortunately the lighting and the glare from the showcases made photography challenging. I still managed to get more than forty shots. I hope you enjoy the ones I’m sharing in this post.

Be sure to visit this museum if you find yourself in Aguascalientes City.

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