I apologize to my readers. I haven’t written a post in quite a while. I’ve played with some ideas but somehow just couldn’t follow through.

It’s been a strange few weeks. Coronavirus seems to have impacted the world in so many ways. My English conversation classes have turned into health lessons. How do we protect ourselves against this deadly enemy?

Interestingly enough, there is no shortage of toilet paper here. There are still lots of soaps and hand sanitizers on the shelves in stores. And I haven’t observed a sea of masks when I’m in public places. But I have observed other things.

There is a park near my house where I often go to color. In my search for shade I found myself at a table close to the bathrooms. I just had to snap this photo. Shelves full of snacks at the entrance. I watched the attendant hand people toilet paper at the same time as they purchased chips or candy. In my opinion food and bathrooms just don’t go together. What do you think?Yesterday was International Women’s Day. How do they celebrate it here? Women went on strike today and didn’t work. But not all women. I was at Liverpool, a pharmacy and Telcel and I did see some women, although not as many as usual.I had an interesting chat with my Uber driver today. Apparently I’ve lived in Aguascalientes longer than he has. He just moved here from Mexico City a month ago. Sure hope he didn’t bring the Coronavirus along with him.

Washington state is a hotbed of Coronavirus right now, Seattle in particular. I usually tease my friends and tell them to get rid of the snow before I return. Now I’m hoping they can get this virus under control before I come back next month.

Next to the Coronavirus, a hot topic of discussion with my friends is narcissism. That just might be my next blog post.

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