I Live In Two Worlds

I Live In Two Worlds

I awoke this morning to silence instead of the hum of a fan. There was no display on my microwave. The lights on the TV and modem were out. And I didn’t hear the noise my fridge usually makes.

A lukewarm Coke and a malvebon were my jolt of caffeine this morning.

I grabbed my laundry and headed to the lavenderia. Fatima greeted me in darkness. But I think positively and left my laundry in her capable hands. I may get it back today and I may not. Mexico is the land of mañana.

The bank where I use the ATM is about a mile away and thankfully it did have electricity. The bakery near the bank was open and so was the farmacia.

I returned home and headed for the park with my coloring supplies. Such a glorious day out there!

The next stop was the cocina for fresh salads for lunch.

This is my world in Mexico. We are all more consciencious about washing our hands and not touching our face. Schools are closing and public gatherings are cancelled.

Then there is the world on the internet filled with panic and fear. Yes this is a devastating pandemic. More and more people are diagnosed every day. There are deaths but we must keep in mind that not everyone will die. People are recovering.

I’m very concerned about my children in Canada. It’s really difficult being so far away from them right now.

I have friends up north with serious respiratory problems. I have friends crammed in to overcrowded airports which in my opinion is quite the breeding ground for more than just COVID-19.

Here are some pics of my neighborhood today. Shops are open as are stands on the street.

Stay safe everyone!

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