Movies And Memories

Movies And Memories

I don’t like scary movies. I prefer a good comedy or drama. But lately I’ve been watching scary movies here in Mexico. Many are movies I haven’t seen in decades. Of course I watch them in Spanish. And oh the memories they trigger!

I watched Jaws the other day. It was the summer of 1972 when I saw it for the first time. I was in Rochester, Minnesota for a check-up at the Mayo Clinic. I was not looking forward to the tests that would be done in the following days. My boyfriend was with me and he suggested going to a movie to get my mind off everything. So off we went to see Jaws.

Today that movie seems kind of corny. But back then it was something else. Yes I forgot about all the poking and probing that was to come. But I sure didn’t sleep well that night.

This morning I watched Jurassic Park as I sipped my coffee. The first time I watched that one was with my kids. I believe that my daughter was 10 and my son was 13 at the time. While I was terrified, they found the movie quite entertaining and teased me because of my reaction.

I should also mention that at that age one of my daughter’s favorite movies was also Arachnophobia. So this is where I was coming from. I didn’t stand a chance.

Watching movies is a great distraction from COVID-19.

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