Why do some people get so sick from COVID-19 that they die? Yet others exhibit no symptoms at all. How reliable is the testing and how accurate are the statistics?

I’ve stopped reading Facebook comments. Why people continue to share posts that are so misleading baffles me. Do they crave the attention or are they practicing their skills as writers of fiction? Or are they so panicked that it is soothing to them to post all this nonsense? Does a conspiracy theory really matter? COVID-19 is here and is World War 3 without bombs or guns.

I’m beginning to question the value of self-isolating for the long term. Living in a bubble is not the answer. How are we to build up immunities? And then the toll on mental health merits consideration.

When I chat with friends in other countries I hear different stories about their daily lives. While some people don’t leave their homes others are shopping and visiting with friends on a regular basis. Parks, beaches and restaurants are closed in some areas yet open in others. I find it ridiculous that playgrounds are open yet schools are closed. Does anyone else feel that way?

Enough venting for one day. I’m going out for my morning walk. Now, which mask shall I wear? The pink one? The blue one? The white one? Decisions, decisions, decisions…..

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