A Virtual Thanksgiving

A Virtual Thanksgiving

We often associate Thanksgiving with food. Turkeys, stuffing and pumpkin pies dominate at grocery stores. Families tend to have their favorite traditional foods. When I lived in Canada, I usually served meatballs along with the turkey. Apple nut stuffing, sweet potatoes and a mushroom green bean casserole rounded out the meal, along with a Jello mold. The two main desserts were pumpkin cheesecake and apple crisp, along with a variety of dainties.

The last time I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner in Winnipeg was back in 2013 when I had returned from Mexico to have knee surgery. Kyle and Krista came over. Kimmy was living in Ontario and unfortunately wasn’t with us. Kyle teasingly complained that I had cooked way too much food but as I recall he was quite happy to take home a substantial care package. I had even baked rosemary bread that year instead of having stores bought bread rolls.

Now that food has been discussed, it brings me to a more important aspect of Thanksgiving, that being the people we share the day with. Over the years, my friends and my children’s friends often graced our table back in Canada. In Mexico I often shared Thanksgiving dinner with people who came from countries other than Canada, USA and Mexico. I cherish the memories of our friendships and relationships.

Many of us will be celebrating a virtual Thanksgiving in 2020. Designations of Code Red have drastically altered plans. But perhaps this is an opportunity to focus on the true meaning of this holiday. Think back to the early colonists who were thankful for a bountiful harvest and for their rustic homes to shelter them from the harsh elements.

I am thankful that I am alive and well. I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for my many friends who have become an important part of my extended family. I am thankful that I have found a safe haven here in Leavenworth during the pandemic.

I am also thankful for everyone who takes the time to read my blog.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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