I have no idea why but leprechauns have been on my mind. Maybe it’s because St. Patrick’s Day is coming up next month. Walmart had cookies out and Dollar Tree had decorations out. And both stores had Easter treats and other paraphernalia out.

It looks like I’ll be here in Leavenworth for Easter this year. That will be a first. I’m usually in Mexico. I wonder if the snow will be gone. April 4th is still a ways off. It’s getting warmer and rain is replacing the snow.

Back to leprechauns. Do you remember the movie Darby O’Gill and the Little People? I remember seeing it as a child. And it featured leprechauns.

Anyone out there ever in a Brownie pack? One of the sixes in my pack was leprechauns but my six was pixies.

When you see pics of leprechauns they often have a spark or twinkle in their eyes. They appear to be mischievous little sprites. And they’re always male in gender.

Leprechauns have their roots in Irish folklore. Pics often show them to be short and dressed in a green coat and buckled shoes. They also sport a top hat and their profession is shoe making.

One legend is that if you can capture a leprechaun he will trade you his treasure for his freedom. Another legend is that he will grant you three wishes.

Although leprechauns possess a certain charm, they are deceitful and are not to be trusted. They may make promises, but after all, is there ever really a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

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