Sorting Through Stuff

Sorting Through Stuff

This morning I tackled the tedious task of “sorting through stuff.” The last time I moved I was rather rushed for time and packed the easy way of cramming papers and books chaotically into book bags. It was finally time to get organized.

I have a medical folder that travels with me. Details of past surgeries and medications are here. I even found my old IMSS book from Guadalajara from years ago. I also still have copies of my physio exercises post knee replacement surgery dating back to 2012. Other than two knee replacements, cataract and Lasik surgery, and peripheral neuropathy, the past 11 years have been uneventful.

Documents. I have way too many of these. Birth certificates, marriage certificates and divorce decrees in English, French and Spanish. Original university degrees and professional development certificates. Paperwork involving Immigration and IRS in the USA and INM and SAT in Mexico, as well as CRA in Canada.

There’s also a small handful of photos and cards. Also the odd hard copy of some of my writing. I also found an outdated holographic will. Definitely time to update that one.

I’ve kept a few books, some in Spanish. Copies of the books I’ve published. A copy of Robert Munsch’s Love You Forever. But books tend to be heavy.

The biggest bag is my art supplies. Coloring books and sketch pads. Gel pens and colored pencils. Pastels. Art projects such as snowflakes, Christmas ornaments and fridge magnets. Painted rocks. A glass candle holder. A handpainted coffee mug and coaster.

Then I found a bag with external hard drives, thumb drives and batteries. Also a collection of computer and phone chargers. And a few other unidentifiable things all related to some type of technology.

There’s more I still need to go through, like old credit card receipts. But that will have to wait. You see, I found my favorite nail polish in the technology bag. No idea how it got there. But now that it’s surfaced, I’m off to paint my nails. šŸ™‚

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