Math And Me


I grew up in the archaic age of memorizing times tables and using slide rules. Those dark ages were filled with calculating areas of triangles, rectangles and other shapes. Then there were logarithms and other nightmares too numerous to mention.

Math was never my strong suit yet somehow years later I found myself working in the accounting field. Just couldn’t escape all those numbers! But at least I had a computer program to do all the calculating.

So, with all this math background, it appears that I have lost the ability to subtract. In my last post, I mentioned that it had been twelve years since Koal left us. It’s actually thirteen. He died in 2008. Caught up in the emotions when writing that blog post may have had something to do with the miscalculation.

Back to Math, and at the moment I’m thinking very clearly. And I’m still not interested in finding out when two trains traveling at different speeds are going to pass each other. Somehow that has never been helpful in my jobs in Social Services or in teaching English.

Anyone else out there feeling the same way about Math?

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