Closed That Door Long Ago

Closed That Door Long Ago

Can you ever truly leave the past behind without it coming back to haunt you? It was a distant memory until….wham! It hit me in the face again.

Joanne and I were talking about that just the other day. I confided a teenage memory to her, something that at the time drove me up the wall. It was unbelievable how just as the situation had settled down in my life, something happened to revive it. But that was decades ago.

I actually hadn’t thought about that time in ages. The memory was triggered by something one of my friends is currently going through. And I can so identify with it.

I came home and was checking out my Facebook groups. OMG!!!! There’s a whole article in one of them dealing with that exact memory I had shared with Joanne. Now there are literally shivers running up and down my spine.

Sorry readers. I’m not sharing the memory with you. It borders on the illegal. But I needed to vent so this blog is as good a place as any. I mean, what are the chances of all this resurfacing in 2022?

At least geographically I’m thousands of miles away and I haven’t been in contact with the others involved since 1971. That’s a lot of years ago. But honestly, at this minute it feels like yesterday.

So I wonder, do you ever really close the door on the past?

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  1. I understand this completely. We close the door but it seems to me that the door is faulty and likes to swing open from time to time. I, for one, hate it. And with tthe way my mind works – things will go on repeat. I have to constantly repeat “Let it go” to myself so as not to relive the entire ordeal. I feel you on this post. I don’t know if there’s a way to turn it off. I wish I knew.

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