Dear Delta,

Dear Delta,

Dear Delta,

Thank you so much for all of your texts and emails you’ve been sending me since I booked my trip to Winnipeg from Seattle via Minneapolis. I especially enjoyed the twice daily reminders to use FlyReady so that I could check in online. Too bad that was just an exercise in futility. Because I was traveling to Canada, I was unable to do this even though I sent you a photo of the code on my ArriveCan app.

And then there were the texts and emails regarding flight delays. The first one came in just before I boarded the shuttle from Wenatchee to SeaTac. The flight to Minneapolis was now leaving at 1:30 am instead of 12:30 am.

Okay. I got to SeaTac, went through TSA, had a leisurely dinner and had my tablet to amuse me. Hmmm. If we’re leaving at 1:30, it’s 12:45 and we haven’t started boarding yet. Needless to say, my fellow passengers and I were beyond annoyed.

It was interesting how Delta staff at the airport were so misleading in their communications with us. And more than one passenger challenged them in quite an ugly manner.

At 1:45 am I received a text and an email notification that the flight was no longer leaving at 1:30 am. Oh! It was now leaving at 2:20 am. Meanwhile Delta staff, live and in person at the podium, were telling us that they still hadn’t located the crew for the flight. And they had no idea when we would actually take off.

We finally did take off, closer to 3 am. It appears that close to half of the passengers missed their connecting flights in Minneapolis due to the delay. Fortunately I was able to make my connection to Winnipeg.

I laughed when I received a survey from Delta asking about my flight experience. But I decided to fill it out anyways. Never in my life have I ever filled out a survey with so many “poor ratings” or “would not recommend.” And I hope I never have to do it again.

I want to make something crystal clear. Delta, your communications always begin with “Thank you for choosing Delta Airlines.” I DID NOT CHOOSE DELTA AIRLINES. Unfortunately Alaska Airlines does not fly to Winnipeg. There was no choice here.

And as far as all the texts and emails apologizing for the delay….well, Delta, you know what you can do with those.

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