Three Things

Three Things

This past week flew. I’ll touch on three things that stand out.

I spent some time visiting with my son. And that is definitely the highlight of the week. He is also storing seven Rubbermaid bins in his home for me. They are predominantly family photo albums. But I did find a few other treasures in them, such as the outfits my mom crocheted for them when they came home from the hospital when they were born.

On Friday I spent some time wandering around the Shaarey Zedek Cemetery. My friends usually take me there but I wanted time to visit other family members and not just my parents. It was very peaceful and brought back a flood of memories.

The third thing that stands out is that my friend Laura and I went computer shopping. She is my computer guru and yesterday she set it all up for me. My old laptop died two years ago when I was stuck in Mexico during Covid. I adore my tablet and just never made it a priority to replace the laptop. Until this week.

BTW the featured photo is yours truly with my daddy several decades ago.

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