Festival Cultural De Calaveras

Festival Cultural De Calaveras

Halloween was always a favorite day. As a child I loved to hit the streets with my friends and go trick or treating. We knew who made the best popcorn balls and caramel apples.

Flash ahead a generation to when I had kids. The times changed. An adult always went out with the kids as the streets were not as safe as they were when I was growing up. And forget the homemade treats. Instead I carefully checked their candy for anything suspicious.

And now it’s 2022. My granddaughter in Kelowna put on her costume the other day when we did a video call. She looked adorable in her witch costume and is excited about the upcoming party at her daycare. I told my daughter to look for a Light The Night at a church. I was in Leavenworth one year and volunteered at this event. Very family oriented and safe.

But here in Aguascalientes Halloween isn’t what’s on my mind. We celebrate Day of the Dead here and it’s one of my favorite times here in Mexico. Although November 2nd is the most popular day to party in the cemeteries with the spirits, the celebrations are well underway in this city. The party started October 28th.

There are different venues throughout the city featuring live music and a multitude of vendors, especially in the food area. I wandered down to Centro on Friday where altars honoring the dead and displays featuring catrinas were being set up. Storefronts and restaurants were colorfully decorated. There was a festive air everywhere.

Saturday night near the Jardin de San Marcos there were dancers and people on stilts dressed up in colorful Day of the Dead garb. And of course there was music. As I wandered passed the bars, I found a multitude of vendors selling items from jewelry to food and everything in between. There was also a stage set up and live music.

My destination tonight is back to Centro and along Carranzas. So much to see and only a few days to take it all in.

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