IF 2023 and Apple Blossom Festival

IF 2023 and Apple Blossom Festival

The destination was Leavenworth Church of the Nazarene. The event was IF, a women’s conference. Speakers were viewed on the jumbotron and they were all amazing. I was disappointed that we weren’t given much time for discussion amongst ourselves after hearing each speaker. That is an important part of any conference of this type. And it was a small group. Only fifty women registered and not everyone attended.

IF 2023 was actually held live in Dallas on March 3-4, 2023 where the speakers were all recorded. This annual women’s conference was founded by Jennie Allen, a NY Times Best-Selling Author of Christian books. Her goal is to create tools and experiences for women in the local church to make disciples who will make disciples; to encourage women to come to their local church to continue their faith journey.

The same weekend the Apple Blossom Festival was in full swing in Wenatchee. Parades, a classic car show, rides, entertainment and food. Throngs of people flooded the area causing disruptions in traffic due to road closures for the events. There was even an arts and crafts fair and a musical production of Shrek. The Apple Blossom Run was a race of 2K, 5K and 10K.

The original name for this festival was Blossom Days. The first one was held in 1919 and became an annual event. There were cancellations between 1942-1945. After World War II the name was changed to Washington State Apple Blossom Festival. The event was also cancelled in 2020 due to Covid. And in 2021 the event was postponed until June. Back on track again in 2022, the event once again began the last weekend in April throughout the first weekend in May.

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