I’m Always Packing

I’m Always Packing

Another day, another suitcase to pack.

This past week was fabulous! Vacation Bible School was amazing. I immensely enjoyed doing craft and play with the preschoolers. We colored, glued, painted and played games. Each day the activity was geared toward the Bible point of the day.

I also spent the past week with friends in Dryden. We commuted to Leavenworth for Vacation Bible School. Of course that meant packing last weekend to spend the week in Dryden.

Today I am packing again. This time it’s a little more complicated.

I take the shuttle to Seattle on Monday where I will check into a hotel for the night. On Tuesday I fly to Kelowna to see my granddaughter. Maddie is 17 months old now and I haven’t seen her since she was 6 weeks old. Am I excited? Can’t wait to hold her in my arms!

Back to the packing. I’m also moving here in Leavenworth. If I get my act together I hope to move everything else over to my new home before I leave on Monday. It’s astonishing what I’ve collected in the past 3 months. Of course I did leave a few things here when I returned to Mexico last fall.

I’ll be back in Leavenworth in August and hope to begin posting more regularly. Until then, enjoy the summer and don’t even attempt to compete with my packing adventures.



Today was the first day of Vacation Bible School. This year I’m an educator in the preschool craft and play area.

The Bible point I taught today was “When life is unfair…God is good.”

While the children inundated me with stories of how their siblings got to stay up later or got to eat more cookies or bigger donuts, my mind was in another place. While the children’s laments of unfairness were justified in their eyes, they don’t hold a candle to the one I will write about in this post.

A close friend is recovering from a severe concussion sustained during a tragic accident at work last fall. Just recently she was informed that her employment had been terminated with no opportunity for her to even attempt to return to work.

How sad for her! How sad for all the families and children who will no longer have this amazing woman in their lives.

I know that God has plans for us that often differ from the ones that we may have. He takes us along a different path that leads to greater things in our lives in the future although the unfairness of a situation often overwhelms us at that moment in the present.

When life is unfair……God is good!

A Memory

A Memory

I was sitting at the 76 this morning waiting for the 22 to head into town. I had a great view of Highway 2 here in Washington and the traffic going by.

It was the semis and the campers that caught my eye. And a memory that felt like yesterday.

My son was about 2 at the time and we were staying at a hotel on Highway 2 in Michigan. He sat staring out the window and was totally mesmerized by all the vehicles passing by. He clutched a handful of his own little trucks and cars, thoughtfully comparing them to the ones he saw on the highway.

It’s hard to believe that 37 years has passed by since that day……….

Happy July Fourth

Happy July Fourth

It’s Thursday July 4th, Independence Day here in the USA.

It was nice to sleep in and not rush off to teach a fitness class this morning. Rather than brave the crowds at Kinderfest this year, I have chosen to spend a leisurely day reading instead.

I’m currently reading The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher. This is one of my favorite books and I have read it numerous times.

I recall the first time I read it. Recovering from surgery, I had gone to visit my mother in Port Charlotte, Florida. She was determined that I rest and gave me this several hundred page book to read in the hope that I would lounge around reading and relax. Her strategy worked. I loved the book and couldn’t put it down.

Over the years I read the rest of the books Rosamunde Pilcher had written. I also collected them all. But sadly I no longer have them. They, along with the rest of my library, simply did not fit into the two suitcases that are the extent of my possessions today.

Now that I have this blog post up, I shall return to my reading until it’s time to go over to my friend’s home for dinner.

Happy Fourth!

Solstice Time

Solstice Time

The summer solstice happened this week. To me it was just a day like any other, although some people engage in ceremonies to celebrate this event.

There was nothing too earth shattering in my life on June 21st, although thank you Amazon Prime for the timely delivery of my pastels and my sketchbook. That program I attended at the library really impacted me. Now I just needed to stay home long enough to create a masterpiece.

Yesterday morning I ventured down to the gazebo to watch the accordion parade. The International Accordion Festival is going on this weekend in Leavenworth. Later on today I’ll be attending a dinner outdoors with a view of the river. It’s a perfect venue where we will be serenaded by accordionists.

I enjoyed a leisurely brunch at the golf club today with my friends. We were disappointed that we didn’t see any deer today. Perhaps they’re hiding from the bears and cougars who have more than made their presence known in our town this season.

Cascade High School was the place to be yesterday afternoon when we attended a performance of The Jungle Book. Upper Valley Connection’s Icicle Players did a superb job.

Last night it was open mike at the senior center. Somehow I have become one of the regulars this year. Last night I sang only in English although I have done other selections in Spanish and in French.

Tomorrow we’re off to Ellensburg and then I’ll be working on crafts in preparation for Vacation Bible School.

Perhaps on Tuesday I may find time to play with my pastels after I teach a fitness class.

I was in Peshastin the other day and took photos of a beautiful rose garden.


Happy Birthday Entiat!

Happy Birthday Entiat!

This weekend marked the 75th birthday of the town of Entiat, Washington. A celebration was held yesterday to commemorate the occasion.

The drive through the mountains was breathtaking. Entiat is about twenty minutes away from Wenatchee.

We started the day with a most enjoyable pancake breakfast, with a lovely view of the river. Then it was time to meander through the park and check out the exhibits and venues. Here’s one of the new friends I made that day.

There were activities for young and old, including bouncy houses, mini golf, face painting, a bean bag toss and rock painting. This was my creation. Now I can add rock painting to my artist resume. 

We then passed by a beer garden and a car show on the way to the museum.

The museum was small but had interesting displays. The majority of items were donated while a few were on loan. Exhibits ranged from vintage newspapers to tools to clothing to china and everything in between.

Back in the park a band was playing and there were displays by local vendors.

Although a barbecue and other events were scheduled throughout the day, we chose to leave after a few hours when the 90 degree heat got to us.

Karen The Artist

Karen The Artist

As a young child I loved to finger paint. I used to make my own paper dolls. I even colored strings of lights to cut out and hang on my dollhouses. But once kindergarten was done, things changed.

In elementary school we were given coloring sheets for holidays. Color between the lines. We would listen to radio broadcasts of a story and told to draw something based on the story. But what if I wanted to draw something different?

In middle school art class meant drawing the spectrum. Or drawing a three dimensional object. Or drawing a vase of flowers set on the teacher’s desk. Or some other such dreary project. But what if I wanted to draw something different? Needless to say, I switched to a music option as soon as it was available and art was quickly dismissed from my mind.

We had an art gallery in Winnipeg. While certain exhibits were interesting, art just was not my thing. Only one exhibit stands out in my mind and that was a Van Gogh exhibit I went to with my dad. I was about eight years old and I think it meant more to me because I was with my dad.

I attended a Norman Rockwell exhibit in Honolulu and was totally enthralled with The Toymaker.

Image result for the toymaker norman rockwell

Years later I discovered Thomas Kinkade and was especially captivated by his prints and tapestries of lighthouses. I had a beautiful one on my living room wall years ago when I lived in Canada.


I also attempted glass painting for a short while.


In Mexico I enjoyed visiting several art galleries in Culiacan, Guadalajara and Aguascalientes. I especially enjoyed the works of art involving vivid, bright colors.

Two years ago in Leavenworth I was introduced to adult coloring books. And I was hooked. I find it a very relaxing activity, even more so when paired up with music.


Last night I discovered something new. I went to a program at the Cashmere Library where I created four pieces of art with pastels. These were not the pastel crayons I was familiar with back in Canada. These were chalky and could be smudged with your fingertips. It brought back happy times of finger painting as a child, but this time it was pastels and not paint. I think of it as adult finger painting.

While my creative talents in the past have been mostly in writing and in music, perhaps there is hope for me as an artist.