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Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy

Another Father’s Day without you today. We haven’t celebrated this day together in 44 years. You were taken from me way too soon.

When you died I lost my hero, my best friend and my sense of security. You were always there for me. I could talk to you about anything and everything. And there has never been anyone else in my life who could fill that void.

I treasure the memories I have in my heart. I can still see you assembling the swing set in the backyard on Brock Street. You were so patient in teaching me how to ride a bike and then later on teaching me how to drive a car.

I remember the day we were at Ashdowns buying tools and I fell in love with a pink pyjama dog. I cuddled with Pinky every night for years.

I absolutely adore this photo of us at Van Kirk Gardens. You always sculpted a beautiful garden around our house. You knew my favorite flowers were marigolds and there was always a special place set aside for them.

Sometimes you’d go back to the office to work in the evenings. I’d take along my homework and go with you.

At Christmas we’d go for rides to see the lights and always check out the Carlings display. It was such a magical place with a nursery rhyme theme.

We had intense conversations when we went for rides or walks. Two of your favored phrases have stuck with me through the years. Honesty is the best policy. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

You instilled a set of values in me that have made me the person I am today. And I have tried to pass these on to my children, the grandchildren you sadly never had the chance to meet. They have missed out on having an amazing grandfather in their lives.

There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think of you.

Sending you lots of love today and every day.

Happy Father’s Day!

Today and Yesterday

Today and Yesterday

Today is Father’s day. The last time I celebrated Father’s Day with my dad was in 1976, months before he passed away. He never met his grandchildren. He missed out on so many milestones in my life and in their lives. My dad was my world and I think of him often, not just on Father’s Day. This is one of the last photos ever taken of us together.



As a child, I remember creating elaborate cards with interesting verses for my dad. We often enjoyed barbecues on that day with my Auntie Jan, Uncle Harry and my cousins. I have fond memories of those childhood Father’s Days.

My dad taught me how to ride a bike and how to drive a car. He taught me the importance of getting an education. Although he was around when I received my first university degree, he was already gone when I achieved subsequent degrees and diplomas. He never lived to see his grandchildren graduate from university, but I know he would have been proud of them as well.

Today is June 17th. Back in 2012 I was one day away from my first knee replacement surgery. And I was convinced that I was going to die. My mom died after having the same surgery and I was terrified that I would meet the same fate. Not only did I survive that first surgery, but a year later I found myself having my second knee done on June 17th.

Today is Father’s Day, June 17th and I am in Leavenworth, Washington. My children and my granddaughter are in Canada, so there are no family barbecues for me today. Instead, my day has not shown a hint of Father’s Day as I once knew it.

This morning I passed on the church I usually attend and went to Faith Lutheran with my friend Karen. To my surprise, I knew several of the congregants although it is an extremely small church. People from my fitness classes, bridge group and the senior center were there. The pastor was Hispanic so I got to practice my Spanish with him. The service was interesting and different from other services I have attended here in Leavenworth, in Canada and in Mexico.

We then headed over to the First Methodist to bid farewell to Pastor Denise. Although this is not my usual church, Denise had become a familiar presence here in town. She came to the senior center often and attended many local events here and in Cashmere. She will be missed by the community.

Now I know it is definitely not proper church etiquette to take photos during a service, but those of you who know me know all too well that my philosophy is that rules are there to be broken.

The first photo was taken at the Lutheran church. I was determined to get a photo of the pastor in his garb. The other photos are of the incredible artwork on the walls of the church.

This next photo is on of Pastor Denise at the Methodist church. Note the ladies wearing hats, a tribute they had decided upon for Denise’s last service.


And now it’s time to call one of my best friends who lives in Toronto who is celebrating a birthday today. Happy Birthday Deborah!


Fathers Day June 19, 2016

Fathers Day June 19, 2016

This year Fathers Day falls on Sunday June 19th. Fathers Day has always been bittersweet for me as the last time I celebrated with my dad was forty years ago. Four decades ago. Yes, I’ve been without a father for most of my life.

May   1973

As a young child I recall making cards both at school and at home to honor this day. There was no hype for electronics as gifts in those days. Commercialization had not yet invaded this day. I know my dad treasured these handmade cards, and he enjoyed spending the day with his family. We would often barbecue with my Auntie Jan and Uncle Harry and my cousins. I have some great memories of these times.

 My dad was a self-made man who dropped out of school at age fourteen to run the family business when his own father became seriously ill. He supported his family and all three of his younger siblings were able to go to university due to his efforts. 

My dad  taught me how to skate, ride a bike and drive a car. He always found time to toss a ball around with me or push me on a swing. But more importantly, he instilled values in me that  I have passed on to my own children – the importance of education and development of a solid work ethic. 

Sadly my dad never lived to meet his grandchildren. And my children missed out on having a wonderful, loving grandfather in their lives. 

June 19th is also the anniversary of my mom’s death twenty years ago. So this Sunday is a double whammy for me. My children were fortunate in having a grandmother in their lives in their formative years, but we were all shocked and saddened when my mom passed away suddenly two months before my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah.

Here in Mexico, Fathers Day is not celebrated with the same relish and enthusiasm as Mothers Day. Commercialization is not as dominant as in the USA or Canada. If I were back in Canada, a visit to the cemetery would be an important part of my day. Instead, a virtual visit is in order as I have photos of the grave sites on my computer.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad, my hero in heaven!