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Happy July Fourth

Happy July Fourth

It’s Thursday July 4th, Independence Day here in the USA.

It was nice to sleep in and not rush off to teach a fitness class this morning. Rather than brave the crowds at Kinderfest this year, I have chosen to spend a leisurely day reading instead.

I’m currently reading The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher. This is one of my favorite books and I have read it numerous times.

I recall the first time I read it. Recovering from surgery, I had gone to visit my mother in Port Charlotte, Florida. She was determined that I rest and gave me this several hundred page book to read in the hope that I would lounge around reading and relax. Her strategy worked. I loved the book and couldn’t put it down.

Over the years I read the rest of the books Rosamunde Pilcher had written. I also collected them all. But sadly I no longer have them. They, along with the rest of my library, simply did not fit into the two suitcases that are the extent of my possessions today.

Now that I have this blog post up, I shall return to my reading until it’s time to go over to my friend’s home for dinner.

Happy Fourth!



The more time I spend here, the more amazed I am at the various events here that are family-oriented. This time the event was Kinderfest and it was held on the fourth of July. Temperatures soaring into the 90s were no deterrent to the hundreds of adults and children who filled the streets in the downtown area. Front Street was transformed into a major carnival with a variety of games and activities.

The fun began with a bike parade at 11 am. Afterwards long line-ups prevailed throughout the day as eager children excitedly awaited their turns at a bouncy house and a water slide, not to mention all the other crafts and games that were set up. An incredible amount of volunteer manpower was evident and I am impressed with the giving spirit in this community.


A popular area had fire engines, ambulances, tow trucks and tractors that were all kid-friendly. The children were delighted to clamber aboard and honk horns or blow sirens.


One of the tables touched my heart. A friend of mine from Cashmere spearheaded this one. Children were encouraged to write a note and enclose a tiny flag that would be sent to soldiers serving overseas.


There was a table where hats could be constructed.


Games included fishing with magnets, basketball, balloons and more.


The bouncy house was a favored attraction, as was the water slide for cooling off.


The Rotary Club volunteers were hard at work building birdhouses.


Here are a few miscellaneous shots.


And that was Kinderfest 2017. 


Vecinos Con Carinos Fourth of July Party

Vecinos Con Carinos Fourth of July Party

Vecinos Con Carinos is an organization that supports schools and people who live in a poor area in Teacapan, about two hours drive south of Mazatlan. I am a member of this club and we held a fundraiser at Villa Loman, a beautiful home a few minutes north of Teacapan. Our hosts were Helen and Jerry Loman, also members of the group. Their home is spacious and the grounds are huge. And it is only a five minute walk down to the beach. Here are photos of the home and the view from the terrace.




Some of us stayed overnight in guest apartments, while others came out only for the day. Kathy and David Francone graciously gave me a ride down there in their new Winnebago which made it all the more enjoyable.

Upon our arrival at Villa Loman, Dave Parker had been busy barbecuing hot dogs for us. His wife Sue did an amazing job of organizing this fundraiser attended by some 23 people. Sue is very creative in terms of planning everything from activities to obtaining door prizes. She even designed trophies for the game winners. And what fun games they were!

A bean bag toss was the first game, followed by a potato race. There was also a putting green on the grounds for those who braved the broiling sun. A trivia quiz followed, Bingo games and then the raffle for the door prizes took place.

Helen Loman is a remarkable woman. At the tender age of 87, she provided and cooked all the food for our sumptuous dinner that evening. The menu included ribs, chicken, cole slaw, potato salad, corn on the cob and garlic bread. Helen lamented that she had forgotten to serve the baked beans she had lovingly prepared, so care packages were provided. The table was set beautifully with china and silver. Dessert followed with delicious homemade ice cream.


After dinner we sat around on the terrace and then some of us participated in a sing-along. Others began their drive home to Mazatlan. We were all exhausted by eleven and retired to our apartments.

The next morning we were treated to a wonderful breakfast of quiche, potatoes, fruit and the lightest and fluffiest biscuits I’ve ever tasted. Most of us were still full from the meal the night before and were overwhelmed by yet another feast.

All too soon, we said our good-byes and departed Villa Loman. On the way back to Mazatlan, we took a detour through the pueblo of Teacapan and explored the Malecon.



It was a fabulous way to celebrate the fourth of July. And the fundraiser itself was a huge success, raising approximately $8200 Mexican. It was indeed a Happy Fourth of July!