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San Juan Islands Part 1

San Juan Islands Part 1

On Tuesday we drove down to Anacortes and took the ferry across to San Juan Island. The skies were partly cloudy but the view was breathtaking. The west side of the state is completely different from the east side. Puget Sound was resplendent with islands and tranquil waters. The hustle and bustle of the mainland was left far behind.

We drove off the ferry upon our arrival in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island and I noticed quaint shops and restaurants on the way to our hotel. This town had a definite tourist feel to it. We spent most of our time driving around the island, stopping at a variety of landmarks as constantly admiring the marvelous views of the water, the marinas and the beaches.

The two sights known as the American Camp and the English Camp were established in the late 1800s as a result of the Pig War. An American shot a British pig and it sparked a war. Both sights have hiking trails and we chose to spend our time at the American Camp.

The Alpalca Farm captured my heart. These docile creatures were intent on grazing in the fields and I was delighted when they posed for photos. There was an interesting gift shop with a variety of items made from alpalca yarn. One of the staff was knitting and creating tiny pumpkins.


The Lavender Farm was magnificent. We were able to view the younger plants as well as the mature ones. There were also canopies and picnic tables in the area, and a sign indicating that the area would be a perfect venue for a wedding.

Lavender Farm

Snug Harbor and Roche Harbor were two of the resort areas we visited. Views of the water were spectacular and the marinas were quite busy. The throngs of tourists at Roche Harbor were similar to those of Friday Harbor.

Deer were everywhere on this island. A few were brave enough to dart across the road while many of them just stood along the side, searching for food in the dense forested area.

We were delighted to find an outdoor concert held at a park behind the museum.


The two days flew by and we were soon back on the ferry.