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My Last Days in Mexico

My Last Days in Mexico

Easter came early this year on April 1st. Although I am not Catholic, that morning I went to the Cathedral for the mass. Later that day I went out for dinner with my friends to Al Chile, one of my favorite restaurants on the malecon. We enjoyed chicken mole instead of the traditional ham served up north.

On Monday I had lunch at St. Lorenzo with a friend. Then we went to El Recreo to see a movie. A walk along the malecon and hanging out with my neighbors in the evening completed the day.

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Tuesday was supposed to be a beach day. But the morning fog was thick and I settled for a walk on the malecon. The tedious task of packing began that afternoon. Dinner with friends followed.

On Wednesday my first stop was Telcel at Gran Plaza. I had to renew my phone plan. Next was a badly needed haircut. Then we headed to the Gold Zone for one last dinner at Friends. The band that night was great as well.

Wednesday also marked the start of Moto Week, an annual event that attracts thousands of bikers.  


On Thursday I once again attacked packing. It’s amazing the stuff that accumulates in five months. I met a friend for lunch and went to one last movie at El Recreo.

Friday once again was a major laundry and packing day. I went to my friend Koren’s for one last Friday lunch. Koren is a caterer and on Fridays we would still have lunch there although the mixed market never really did fly this past winter. In the evening I once again hung out with some of my neighbors.

On Saturday we went to Casa Arabe for an amazing dinner. Then we headed to the malecon to watch the motorcycle parade. It went on for hours and it was interesting to see all the customized bikes.

The following morning I closed up my bags and took an Uber to the bus station. I was off to Culiacan to spend a couple of days with my Mexican family. Juan and my three grandsons were waiting for me at the bus station, and we went over to his brother’s house where the kids enjoyed time in a wading pool.


All too soon it was Tuesday and Lucila drove me to the airport to catch my flight to Mexico City. A few hours later I boarded a flight to Toronto.

Adios Mexico until the fall.

Monday After Motorcycle Week

Monday After Motorcycle Week

It’s Monday morning again and another weekend has gone by all too quickly. It’s April already and yesterday the clocks sprang forth an hour with the time change, finally catching up to the rest of the continent who did it three weeks ago.

Time changes should not be allowed the weekend of Motorcycle Week. I went to the parade on Saturday and was totally blown away by the number of bikes that had invaded Mazatlan for this event. MazatlanCity.com claims that over 20,000 bikers were here. The Malecon was completely closed off to traffic Saturday afternoon and evening as the cyclists made their way from the aquarium to Olas Altas. I’ve been to parades in my life, but have never seen anything like this before.

Thousands of people lined the streets hours ahead of time in anticipation of this event. Hawkers circulated amongst the crowd selling ice cream, donuts, chips, balloons, cotton candy, bandanas, candy and anything else you can imagine. The beaches were all but deserted as the parade was THE place to be on Saturday.

Motorcycle week also involved much more than a parade. For 450 pesos, a wrist band admitted you to the grounds for four days of music and displays. (You also received a t-shirt.) There were also events on the beach such as pole dancing contests and bikini contests. Hotels and restaurants were overwhelmed with people, and of course traffic was a nightmare. And the noise of these bikes !!!!!!!!

Here are some pics I snapped during the parade:









The bikes are gone now, the roar of engines a fading memory, and the streets are no longer parking lots due to traffic jams. The outdoor band concerts and the numerous displays are done for this year. Many locals tend to run away from Mazatlan during Motorcycle Week. Not me! I can hardly wait until next year!