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The World

The World

A devastating earthquake rocked Turkey and Syria earlier this week. A Chinese spy blimp was shot down off the east coast in the USA a couple of days ago. 123 confirmed tornadoes touched down in the USA in January of this year. Rain and snow are in the forecast for the west coast in Canada that will result in avalanche alerts and treacherous mountain passes. Quite a world we’re living in today.

Here in Aguascalientes the sun is shining brightly and another high of eighty degrees is in the forecast. It’s peaceful, tranquil. If I didn’t read the news online I wouldn’t know about any of the aforementioned. Today I was also reading about Trudeau’s latest take on healthcare in Canada and the funding he has proposed. Interesting. Too bad it’s too little too late.

I’ve been researching computers and videogames that date back to the 90s and early 2000s. I may be writing fiction and can make up the story, but other things have to be accurate although no statistics are required. Those were the olden days……..before iPhones, iPads and Uber. How did we ever survive? My grandsons here in Mexico were playing on iPads when they were toddlers. I had puzzles, board games and magic slates at that age. I wonder what’s coming next. When they grow older and think of the olden days I wonder what will be on their minds.

I was out for lunch last week with friends and somehow we got on the topic of interpreting dreams. I remember taking a course in that decades ago. It brought back a lot of crazy memories, especially when we were talking about the significance of colors. I must admit I’ve had some pretty strange dreams since we had that conversation. But no, I don’t intend to analyze them. I’m actually hoping that maybe they’ll disappear instead.

It’s Humpday and I’m rambling. So I’ll stop.

Have A Wonderful Wednesday!

Good Riddance To Last Week


Last week’s emotional rollercoaster ride was far too intense. Glad it’s over.

In addition to the ever-present stressful dilemma of figuring out travel plans, my daughter was evacuated from her home in Kelowna. Thankfully she is back at home, albeit still on an alert.

I really need to stop following the news. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, wildfires….those are merely the natural disasters.

COVID-19. The Delta variant. The other variants. To mask or not to mask. To mandate vaccination in the workplace. This virus isn’t going anywhere in my lifetime. Traumatized children…..what is their destiny? I can only pray for my grandchildren.

Afghanistan. It was wrong to send troops there in the first place. Apparently nothing was learned from the fiasco in Vietnam. And now thousands of innocent people will die yet again.

The above song was released back in 1965. I guess not much has changed.

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

No we’re not. There are still four more months left before the year from hell is over.

Topping the list of disasters is COVID-19. It’s closely followed by race riots, typhoons, cyclones hurricanes and wildfires.

Politics? I usually shy away but today feel the need to rant. The United States will soon have to change its name to The Divided States as both parties are intent on ridiculing and condemning the tactics of each other. And as if Canada has not attempted to control our lives enough they are now issuing directives about how to conduct our sex lives. And I’m still here in Mexico where conflicting reports as to the status of the virus have become the norm.

All three countries have totally lost sight of the true concept of democracy and keeping the best interests of the people in mind. Instead they have succeeded in creating a world filled with panic and anxiety.

The effects of this trauma on children will be huge in the future. While the younger ones think internet classes and masks are part of an interesting game, older children are fearful of all the uncertainty in their lives today.

Children today are already too addicted to technology. Interpersonal communication is a skill that is seriously in jeopardy more today than ever before.

Can Zoom or FaceTime ever replace in person contact?

Can a virtual hug replace a physical hug in terms of nourishing feelings of love and security?

I highly doubt it.