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My Life Story

My Life Story

How is this for a word prompt? Write your life story using one word per event. No numbers. Abbreviations if places or events have more than one word. Use commas to separate words. Here goes!

Born, Winnipeg, girl, May, Aberdeen, Brock, house, Herzlia, WO, RH, GP, RMH, UWC, UM, MEC, Sarina, apartment, HSC, Skin, PBC, Charlesdale, apartment, Savoy, house, dog, boy, girl, Dunbar, house, Misericordia, Surgery, Grace, Surgery, RRCC, OB, Parkside, house, KTC, HC, CCH, Dash, UM, Freedom, Crestview, house, Culiacan, Senda, Winnipeg, Irapuato, CA, Tlaquepaque, Culturlingua, Winnipeg, Concordia, Knee, Tlaquepaque, GLC, IC, Winnipeg, Concordia, Knee, Tlaquepaque, IC, AFDW, Mazatlan, AS, ES, Leavenworth, Mazatlan, GDL, Eyes,, Leavenworth, SC, SLP, AGS, Leavenworth, AGS, Peshastin, Dryden, AGS, Wenatchee, Leavenworth, East Wenatchee, AGS

So how well do you think you know me?