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Christmas Is Close

Christmas Is Close

We’re almost halfway through December and Christmas is in the air here in Aguascalientes. After all, who needs snow when sunshine and seventies prevail?

Yesterday I checked out the Christmas market at the Jardin de San Marcos. Jewelry, clothing, crafts, food and Christmas baking, pet supplies, perfumes, oils, toys and more.

I continued my walk along Carranzas and was delighted to see several horseback riders, although the traffic jam they caused along this main downtown street was something else.

When I reached Plaza Patria I was amazed at all the decorations in addition to the obligatory Coke tree. I intend to return at night when it’s all lit up.

The shrill of sirens and the honking of horns signaled the start of the parade of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Dancers, mariachi and a multitude of decorated transit buses with the Virgin prominently displayed on the windshields.

All of the above was on my walk yesterday. I wonder what awaits me on my walk today.

Anoche en Centro

Anoche en Centro

When I left for Culiacán last weekend, they had just begun decorating for Christmas in Centro. I decided to take a walk down there last night to check it out.

This is my 10th Christmas season in Mexico. I have celebrated this holiday in Culiacán, Mazatlán, Guadalajara, Tototlán and San Ciro de Acosta. Each has a unique feel to it, including different traditions.

Here in Aguascalientes, every evening for the past month there have been prayer groups in the streets. The Virgin of Guadalupe is sacred to Catholics. There will be a parade on December 12th. The last time I experienced this was in Tlaquepaque a few years ago.

By the San Marcos Church, I stopped to admire the tree and the nativity scene.

As I approached the plaza, I was amazed at the crowds of people that filled the streets. The vendors were out in full force and the restaurants were packed.

A skating rink had been set up and was quite a popular attraction. It was obvious that most people had never been on skates before. They lined the outside of the rink and clung to the walls and each other for support.

In another area in the square there was some entertainment going on involving acrobats and music.

I ventured into the government building to admire the tree.

And I fell in love with this cute little guy.

The streets were brightly lit and the camera on my phone really didn’t do justice to their splendor.

On my way home I strolled through the San Marcos Park. I sat for a while and watched the salsa dancers. And it goes without saying that people watching in the park is fascinating.

As I continued my walk home I found other brightly lit trees.

There is definitely a festive air here in Aguascalientes.