Primavera en Tlaquepaque


March 21st arrived last week, announcing the beginning of a new season. Spring is that glorious time when all things dormant come alive again. It brings with it the promise of warmer weather, unless you live in Winnipeg where it still continues to snow.

But here in Mexico blossoms fill the trees.



New flowers bud and burst into color.



Walking along the streets, cascades of blooms hang over walls.


The temperatures here have soared into the mid-nineties in the past week. I am seriously contemplating the purchase of an umbrella to shade myself from the sun as so many people do here.

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The beaches are lined with umbrellas to protect sun-worshippers year round. But as summer approaches, they become even more in demand.


The other day it rained, a highly unusual phenomenon for this time of year. And in the neighboring state of Michoacan, a tornado touched down

But then the weather has been crazy all over the world this year. There have been blizzards, devastating floods, mudslides, hurricanes and earthquakes.

But it’s spring! And I am excited about my favorite season! Here are some more photos of my world that I’d like to share with you:







If you live up north where you are still submerged in snow, I hope that my photos have brightened your day. And spring will eventually come your way. There’s just been a slight delay…….





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I am a Canadian writer currently living in East Wenatchee, Washington. I published When Glad Becomes Sad in 2009. My second book, Alive Again, was published in March of 2015. Both are self-help books. I am currently working on a third book, this time a work of fiction.

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