A Week In The Life…………….


I’ve been back in Mexico for seven months and it’s June already. The transition between seasons is very different here than in Canada. While my friends up north are enthusiastically digging in their gardens after a never ending winter, I have been enjoying beautiful flowers and delicious local produce year round.


The rainy season has begun and we will now use our umbrellas to protect us from the rain as well as the sun. But our daytime highs continue to be in the low thirties Celsius.

Thursday was my day off and I welcomed the chance to sleep late. I wandered down to the square and sat in the Jardin Hidalgo. This is an excellent place to strike up a conversation with a local and practice my Spanish. And here are some other friends who come to visit regularly, adding to the ambiance of the garden.  


In the evening Rob and I went to Vic’s for dinner. On the weekends, one of my neighbors down the street fires up his grill and cooks delicious hamburgers, hot dogs and other Mexican specialties such as lonches, enchiladas and more .

Friday was another day off and it was an opportunity to do laundry and other tedious household tasks. In the evening I met my language partner Isaias and his nephew David at Jahanve, my favorite coffee shop.

Jahanve May 30th (2)

I awoke Saturday morning to a gloomy overcast sky. I taught my first class in the morning and was delighted to see the sun shining brightly by the lunch break.

My Saturday class was a Conversation Club where my students chose interesting and stimulating topics with which to improve both their vocabulary and oral skills. I left school that day with a skip in my step.

My friend Rob picked me up and we headed to Soriana to get some groceries. Back at my house, with the aid of a couple of caguamas, we made a spectacular salad and an incredibly delicious lasagna. As an afterthought I threw together some garlic cheese toast. Apple enchiladas completed our homemade feast. Here is Rob preparing vegetables for the salad.

Rob May 31st

And then I looked at Facebook. And I could not believe the photo of my daughter in a harness preparing to jump off a 4 story building! 

Photo: Going for a jump.

The next morning when I checked Facebook I found this photo my friend David in Winnipeg had posted.

Photo: Thank you for all the birthday wishes ..... and to B.B. for keeping me crawling into a bottle of scotch ..... let's make it official , wrote off my Pontiac and trying for, closure ..... add on kijiji ..... how will you spend your 55 th nsay ?

David had lovingly restored this beauty in 2012 and it was now an Autopac write-off!

Monday dawned early for me, at 5:30 am actually. Shortly thereafter I was off to Zapopan to give my students a grammar exam. Their grades were exceptionally high and I was really pleased.

I then stopped at my neighborhood tienguis to buy some fresh fruit and veggies. I have my favorite vendors who recognize me now. When I first arrived here I had to buy a whole head of cauliflower, and they are huge. I now have my vendor trained. When he sees me he immediately cuts one in half and puts it in a bag for me. My fruit vendor knows that I want  containers with half a pineapple and half a watermelon, freshly cut up. I really feel like a local when I stroll through this street market.


In the afternoon I found myself in Miravalle giving a grammar exam to my other students. Then it was back on the Macrobus and to my house. 

Tuesday was my day off. I slept late and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at home. Duolingo was on my mind and I spent almost four hours practicing  Spanish on my computer. I totally empathize with my students when it comes to learning grammar in a second language.

I went for a long walk afterwards to clear my head. I did some shopping in the square and then stopped for one of my favorite treats………….a churro with cajeta and azucar.

On Wednesday I was up early again to teach in Zapopan. My students had their oral exam and did exceptionally well again. I am so proud of them!

When I returned home in the afternoon, I spent time chatting with a new housemate before heading out to teach my afternoon classes.

Today is Thursday and once again I have a day off. The morning was spent on learning Spanish and writing. This afternoon I am off   to Cinepolis to see Malefica, in Spanish of course!


And another seven days in Mexico has flown by……………





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I am a Canadian writer currently living in East Wenatchee, Washington. I published When Glad Becomes Sad in 2009. My second book, Alive Again, was published in March of 2015. Both are self-help books. I am currently working on a third book, this time a work of fiction.

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