Sueno Magico


Last night I spent a few hours in an absolute wonderland! Mansion Clover Lawn is open to the public only twice a year—on Halloween and at Christmas. Located on Avenida de la Paz near Chapultepec, there was already a long lineup when I arrived fifteen minutes before the opening time. I purchased my 70 peso ticket and then joined another line at the gate. This sight greeted me at the entrance.



Wow! And this was only the entrance! The spectacular display that awaited me was truly amazing. Gingerbread men and houses, a nativity scene, Santa Claus, brightly-lit trees, an awesome castle as well as live characters in costume were a delight. This was one magical fairyland!






A performance on stage at the castle thrilled children and adults alike. In addition, there were a variety of hands-on activities for children. There was also an area with rides for the children.


And of course there were numerous food vendors with everything from steamed vegetables to cotton candy and churros.


The mansion itself was incredible on the outside and on the inside. Apparently photos are not permitted inside but I did manage to snag a few before being reprimanded by staff.



I chose not to wait in a long line-up to visit with Santa.Perhaps next time. But alas it was time to leave this magic land.



Adios Santa! Hasta luego!




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