Plaza De Las Armas At Christmas


One of the things I love about living in Mexico is that it is possible to stumble upon the most interesting things when you least expect it.

Yesterday I was in Centro walking down one of the main streets when in the distance I spied a Ferris wheel. I decided to investigate. My walk took me to Plaza De Las Armas, and I was delighted with what awaited me.

First of all, there was a stunning nativity scene.


There was also a skating rink, a very popular attraction for children and adults alike.


The Ferris wheel caught my eye, and although I have a fear of heights, I decided to accept the challenge. I’m glad I did. The view was spectacular!



People also sped down a slide in inner tubes.


 And of course there was the obligatory Coke tree, the sponsor of this venue.


Music was also on the menu as a band was just warming up as I was leaving. And there were a variety of stalls set up selling Christmas items and food. And have a look at this quaint little structure.


Yes, this little Christmas wonderland brightened up a cloudy day in Guadalajara.


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