The Ocean The Moon And Chocolate


I was walking through Centro this morning on my way home from school and decided to treat myself to a donut at Croissants Alfredo. It’s not a Tim Horton’s Boston Creme, but it was a tasty sugar donut and still warm from the oven. I then parked myself on a bench and observed the people around me.

On a blanket sat a group of inflatable penguins, guarded by an old man in a baseball cap, cigarette dangling from his mouth.

Next to him was another blanket watched over by two men gobbling down tacos. Their treasure was several bottles of knock-off perfumes and colognes.

And then a child no older than ten years approached me selling candies and gum, followed closely behind by an old woman hobbling on two canes.

Yes, Guadalajara is a fascinating city. Apparently there are no laws or regulations regarding what you can sell and where you are allowed to sell it. Claim a space on the sidewalk and display your wares.

And this applies to buildings as well. There are no zoning bylaws. Pay the rent and do whatever you want. A restaurant, a pharmacy, a laundromat, a school, a gift shop, a clothing shop, a church…….above, below or next to a house.

Aside from teaching ESL here in Guadalajara and people watching, I am an aspiring writer. Although I have kept personal journals off and on throughout the years, I actually published a book six years ago.


And my second book will be live as soon as I can figure out how to download the sign-off forms and master an electronic signature. Actually I thought I had done this. But hours have passed and several emails have been sent back and forth. And one form stubbornly refuses to download and be electronically signed. Grrrrrr……….. Those of you who know me well are probably laughing by now. Especially my friend Laura, my computer guru back in Winnipeg, and my friend Craig who is somewhere between here and Cambodia right now. People jokingly refer to me as technologically challenged or technologically impaired. But I prefer the way in which one of my current housemates expressed it today. I am just not computer savvy!

However, it turns out that I have been unable to download and electronically sign the form because it is locked on my publisher’s end for viewing only. So that means that I really have mastered the art of downloading and saving PDF files and electronically saving them. After all it did work for one of the forms. Hah!

I think it’s time to vent my frustration, or become more frustrated, not exactly sure which. Candy Crush Saga here I come! And if anyone has some tips on how to pass Level 765, please pass them my way……..



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