Week Three In The Peg

Week Three In The Peg

Mother’s Day is celebrated in Mexico on May 10th, so this year it coincided with the second Sunday in May which marks Mother’s Day in Canada. Kyle, Krista and I went out for a lovely brunch at Club Regent Casino. It was so nice to be with my kids again.


I spent the week at my friend Carolyn’s. She lives out on North Kildonan, an area where I lived when I was first married some forty odd years ago. It was interesting to see how the city has grown. This community has new housing developments, shopping malls and restaurants now. This is the beautiful view at sunset from the balcony of her apartment.


The weather this week has been cold and rainy. But that didn’t stop us from checking out a couple of malls, one in North Kildonan on Monday and one in St. Vital on Thursday.

Late on Monday I had an unexpected surprise when my friend Lise took me to the cemetery to visit my parents. We then went out for coffee to Mountain Bean.

On Wednesday I had a medical appointment in the morning and then Donna took me to pick up my new eyeglasses. Yay! I can see again!


Friday dawned sunny although cool. I had one last medical appointment and then spent the afternoon with David. He has a huge garden in his backyard, although at this time of year there is not much activity yet. And it was just a tad too cool to walk barefoot in the grass. But we enjoyed several backgammon games and then picked up Chinese food from one of our favorite restaurants.

Friday was also Teachers’ Day in Mexico, and it felt strange being here in Canada. I miss my students. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to teach in Mexico, and I have also learned so much from my students.


It’s a cloudy Saturday today. Carolyn and I are watching TV and will meet another friend for dinner later on. And that will conclude week three in The Peg.

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I am a Canadian writer currently living in East Wenatchee, Washington. I published When Glad Becomes Sad in 2009. My second book, Alive Again, was published in March of 2015. Both are self-help books. I am currently working on a third book, this time a work of fiction.

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