Winnipeg:Week Four

Winnipeg:Week Four

Sunday the weather changed drastically. The temperature plummeted and howling winds soon changed rain into freezing rain into snow. And I moved from Carolyn’s back into my son Kyle’s home. I awoke early Monday morning to find snow on the ground and below zero temperatures. I dove back beneath the covers and slept until after noon. I was quite content to hibernate indoors and check out family photographs and do some writing.

Tuesday dawned bright and sunny. Laura. my computer guru, picked me up and we headed to Best Buy to buy me a new computer. It was absolutely awesome to shop with someone so knowledgeable and computer savvy. Laura has the patience of a saint. She gave me a crash course in using my new technology. And I have begun diligently practicing using my new ASUS transformer book. I love the touch screen and have become quite adept at navigating without a mouse, although I did purchase a cute new blue one. I now have this nifty Seagate Slim for backup and to use to transfer my files from my old computer. Now if only I can figure this one out! SOS Laura!

Wednesday was a hectic day. First stop was Passport Canada. I have to get my passport certified to get an ITIN number from the IRS as my books have been published in the USA and I am a Canadian author. Then it was finally time to book a flight to Mexico for next week, no easy feat with snowbird flights non-existent now until the fall. The evening began with an interesting tour of The Manitoba Legislative Building. The ideas behind the architecture were fascinating and thought-provoking. 



My birthday celebrations began on Thursday when Donna treated me to a delicious lunch at McLeod Tea House in Stonewall. The drive in the country was most enjoyable and the weather was sunny and warm.


As relaxing as Thursday was, Friday was hectic. Some shopping, a medical appointment, a visit with my friend Joan and dinner with my friend Rita. The texts were flying back and forth and I now had a place to stay when I arrive back in Mexico, as well as the beginnings of a teaching schedule.

Saturday was my birthday and it was extra-special as I was together with my son. We had an appointment at the bank in the morning. I  then spent the afternoon going through family photographs. Kyle barbecued dinner for us. Then we settled down to watch a movie and we both fell asleep and never did see the end of the movie.

Sunday morning we sat out on the deck with our coffee. Then he cooked us a delicious breakfast. We finally got around to eating the birthday cheesecake in the afternoon. I then packed my bags and my friend Audrey picked me up. Week Four was now over.

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