Wednesday in Seattle

Wednesday in Seattle

About ten days ago, I landed in Seattle for the first time in my life. Sea-Tac was quite the busy place for a Saturday night and it took more than an hour until the luggage from my flight finally arrived. The walk to my friend’s vehicle seemed like an eternity and the traffic on the freeways in the city was ridiculous. The drive to Leavenworth did become quite enjoyable once we were out of the city. However I made a silent vow that I didn’t want to return to Seattle anytime soon.

A couple of days afterward, I had a What’s App message from my daughter. She and her husband would be in Seattle the following week en route to Vancouver for a wedding. As they were reluctant to come to Leavenworth, I agreed to meet them in Seattle. Plans were made to meet at the Argosy Boat Cruise.

We left Leavenworth a little before 9:30 and made great time until we got to Seattle. Traffic was bumper to bumper and came to a grinding halt several times due to construction. Then began the attempt at finding parking. A 2 hour limit on the streets nixed the free idea. We wound up in a parking lot a short walk away, at the pricey cost of $36 for 3 hours. When we arrived at the ticket office my daughter was nowhere in sight. Of course it turned out that there were three ticket offices. But we did manage to find each other eventually and bought our tickets for the cruise.

The weather that day had been overcast and quite dreary. Amazingly once we boarded the ferry, the sun came out and was very welcome due to the breeze once we were out on the water. We sat outside on the top deck and enjoyed the spectacular views of the docks and the city. A most informative guide pointed out the various ships, docks and other attractions visible to us on the skyline. Here are a few photos I took:











After the cruise, we headed down the street for a beer. We sat outside and visited for a while. Kimmy and I hadn’t seen each other since her wedding in the Dominican Republic last October. It was just a few hours yesterday, but for me they special memories always in my heart until we see each other again. Love you Kimmy!

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    • Yes it was fabulous seeing Kimmy. But I can’t say I like Seattle traffic. The cruise was awesome though and I do want to check out the aquarium and some museums another time.

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